Charging ahead with Qi2.

Charging ahead

with Qi2.

Developed by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), a group of which Belkin is a member, Qi2 is the latest standard in wireless charging technology. It delivers up to 15W of charging power and uses magnetic alignment to drastically improve charging speed.

Why Qi2?
Why Qi2?
Why Belkin?

#1 Third-party sellers of MagSafe chargers.*


Qi certified Belkin wireless chargers.


MagSafe products sold since 2020.


Qi-certified products sold since 2016.

Belkin design quality.

Belkin design quality.

In every product we create, we go beyond what is required to ensure we are delivering an exceptional and long-lasting user experience.

Our Qi2 products are no different. We invest in our world-class design, product performance and safety testing to create amazing products.

Forward thinking.

Qi2 will enable new product innovation in other ways, too. The magnetic locking feature will support new product form factors, like an AR/VR headset.

Belkin design quality.


Designed at Belkin Headquarters in Los Angeles, our Qi2 products are created to fit beautifully in the intended environment with sustainable materials.


We use official certified Qi2 technology and high-quality materials to ensure fast charging and seamless product usage.

Safety and reliability.

Our Qi2 products are rigorously tested to ensure peace of mind knowing it works as intended with compatible devices.


Charging cables tend to wear out due to the mechanical stress of daily plugging and unplugging, ending as waste in landfills. Wireless chargers eliminate that mechanical stress and do not wear out, reducing needless waste.

Explore our latest Qi2 chargers.

BoostCharge Pro 2-in-1 Magnetic Wireless Charging Pad

BoostCharge Pro

2-in-1 Magnetic Wireless Charging Pad with Qi2

Our ultra-convenient charging pad delivers 15W of fast wireless charging to your iPhone 15, 5W for your AirPods and 5W for an additional device from a USB-C port.

BoostCharge Pro Convertible Magnetic Charging Stand

BoostCharge Pro

Convertible Magnetic Wireless Charging Stand with Qi2

Fast charge your iPhone or Qi2 compatible device up to 15W with Qi2 technology that also optimizes energy usage and safeguards the device's battery life. MagSafe compatible, this stand tilts in pad or stand mode, conveniently Standby ready for Apple users.

*US only. Based on NPD data from October 2020 – September 2021 for number of units sold for charging pad, charging stand/station, portable power pack and car mount charger products with MagSafe magnet included.