Connected Equipment Warranty (CEW) FAQs

How do I file a claim if lightning damaged my devices connected to a Belkin surge protector?Please give us a call so that one of our knowledgeable and friendly support representatives can walk you through the process.
My claim has been lodged. What happens next?
1. Send your faulty surge protector with the completed claim form and receipt of purchase to Belkin. Transit can take up to 1 week depending on your location.

Please note that Belkin is not responsible for your parcel while in transit. It is strongly advised that you use a method of delivery that can be traced in case your parcel is lost (i.e., registered mail, express post, or courier). If Belkin does not receive your items within 12 weeks of initiating the claim, it will be considered void.

2. When your parcel arrives, the surge protector is sent to our testing lab for review. This review can take approximately 2 weeks.

3. Once we have the test results of the board testing, we will notify you of the result.

Please note that customers with a board that passes all tests will be contacted at this point and advised that the equipment was damaged through other means e.g., under voltage, surge through an unprotected line, general equipment failure, etc.

4. A Belkin representative may contact you requesting a diagnostics report and quote. Visit your local repair agent to obtain a diagnostics report on your connected equipment and a quotation to repair the damaged goods. Generally, we allow about 2 weeks for this to happen.

Please note that if the repairer deems the unit not economical to repair, we will require a statement in writing explaining the issue with repairing and a quote for a replacement based on the features of the damaged equipment.

IMPORTANT: If at this stage you decide to go ahead with any of the repairs, or replace any damaged equipment, you do so at your own discretion. Belkin will only approve repairs or replacements at the finalization of your claim.

5. Our claim team will put together a settlement letter based on the value of your connected equipment and will send it to you by either email or post, depending on previous correspondence.

Please note that Belkin will replace your damaged equipment based on the market average. The pricing average will be used for televisions, desktop computers, and notebooks. If postage is used, allow 1 to 2 weeks depending on your location.

6. The settlement letter will be received by you. Please read and sign then return it to Belkin. If posted, allow 1 week as this depends on your location.

7. The signed settlement letter will be forwarded to the Belkin accounts department which will make the transfer for the settlement amount. This usually takes around 1 week.

Based on the above factors a claim can take anywhere between 8 to 10 weeks to finalize. Please keep this in consideration when making your claim.
How long does it take for a claim to be fully processed?Depending on the extent of the claim, anywhere from 8 to 10 weeks.
What do I need to return inside the box?
While this could vary depending on the product and claim, we suggest you send everything in the box. Please include the proof of purchase and a copy of your claim.
What happens to my product if the claim is denied?
Belkin will mail the unit back to you upon your request.
I do not have a computer and cannot get online, how can I process a claim?
We can enter the claim manually for you.
How will Belkin proceed if I choose to file a claim with my homeowners’ insurance company?
If we find your surge protector failed to protect your devices, then our claims adjuster will contact your insurance company.
What if I lost the receipt for my Belkin product?
It is mandatory for the original purchaser to provide evidence of purchase. As an alternative, if the purchaser registered the product with Belkin, then proof of purchase can be validated by Belkin.
Does Belkin provide information for repair shops or technicians?Belkin doesn’t provide information for any specific repair shop or technician to obtain repair estimates.
Who pays to obtain an estimate for damaged products?If the claim is approved, Belkin will reimburse customers for any monies paid for estimates.
Does Belkin have any service centers to file claims and turn in damaged products?All claims are handled and processed at:

United States

555 S Aviation Blvd, Suite 180, El Segundo, CA 90245


Suite 11,14 Pioneer Avenue, Tuggerah NSW 2259

United Kingdom

Belkin Ltd C/O DHL Supply Chain
Attn: Claims Department
2 Pendeen Crescent
Snelshall East
Milton Keynes
United Kingdom


Belkin Ltd
C/O DHL Solutions k.s
Dobřejovice 250
Czech Republic
251 01
What happens to my Belkin product when claims are accepted?Once the claim is honored, the returned Belkin product is retained in Belkin's possession for claims record purposes.
If Belkin honors my damaged equipment claim, when can I expect a check? Belkin will issue payment for honored claims in the US with a check made out to the customer's name.

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