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How to control your Wemo devices with your voice using Amazon Alexa

A feature of Smart Home technologies like Wemo® is the ability to control your devices using your smartphone, tablet or even your voice.  Using the voice control functionality of the Amazon Echo, you can tell Alexa what to do with your Wemo devices.  Depending on what Wemo device you have, you can have them do a few different things:
  • Turn a Wemo ON or OFF
  • Control brightness
  • Make custom Wemo groups

Where to start
Before you can begin controlling your Wemo devices with your voice, you will need to add the Wemo skill to your Amazon Alexa account.  To learn how, click

There are a few things to consider when preparing your Wemo devices to work with your Amazon Alexa.  These tips below will help ensure a smoother experience.
1.  Don’t use numbers in a name, spell it out instead
If you have a Wemo device with a number in its name, it is recommended to spell it rather than use the number.  An example would be using “Two” instead of 2.  It will be easier for Alexa to recognize.

2.  Try to use unique names with your Wemo devices
If you have Wemo devices that have similar names, your Alexa might have trouble distinguishing them apart.  Try to make the names as unique as possible.

3.  Be careful when naming groups
Group names should be as unique as possible from each other and from the names of other Wemos.  If you have a Wemo named Couch Light and a group named Couch Lights, your Alexa might have trouble distinguishing them apart.

Voice commands that can be used

Depending upon the Wemo device you have and what you want to control, there are multiple commands at your disposal.  Below is a list of what actions Wemo can do and sample commands you can use to do it.

Turning a Wemo/Group ON or OFF
  • “Turn On [Wemo/Group]”
  • “Turn Off [Wemo/Group]”
  • “Turn my [Wemo/Group] On”
  • “Turn my [Wemo/Group] Off”
Setting a Wemo/Group's brightness
  • “Set [Wemo/Group] to <value> percent”
  • “Set brightness of [Wemo/Group] to <value> percent”
  • “Set brightness of [Wemo/Group] to full”
  • “Set brightness of [Wemo/Group] to half”
  • “Increase [Wemo/Group] to full Brightness”
  • “Increase [Wemo/Group] to half Brightness”
  • “Decrease [Wemo/Group] to half Brightness”
  • “Dim [Wemo/Group] to <value> percent”
Checking status of a Wemo or Group
  • “Is my [Wemo/Group] On?”
  • “Is my [Wemo/Group] Off?” 

What can Alexa have my Wemo do

Depending on what Wemo device you have, Alexa can control it in certain ways.

Turn ON or OFF
  • Wemo Switch F7C027
  • Wemo Insight F7C029
  • Wemo Light Switch F7C030
  • Wemo Dimmer F7C059
  • Wemo Switch Mini F7C063
  • Wemo 3-Way Light Switch WLS0403
  • Wemo Light Switch WLS040
Control Brightness
  • Wemo Dimmer F7C059
To learn more about the Amazon Alexa's Features, click here.

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