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Thunderbolt™ 2 Express Dock HD with Cable, F4U085 Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there any setup software?


2. Do I need to install additional drivers for my Mac® computer?

Yes.  The Mac USB Charging driver is for Mac computers (MacBook Air, Mac Pro, MacBook Pro).  It supports charging iOS devices using the USB ports on the Thunderbolt Dock.  It also supports Apple SuperDrive using USB port on the Thunderbolt.
To download the Mac USB Charging driver, click here.

3. Do I need to install additional drivers for my Windows computer? 

Yes.  To download the USB Charging driver and Ethernet drive, click here.

4. My laptop doesn’t have an Ethernet port.  Can I still use the dock to get online or connect to the network?

Yes.  If your laptop has a Thunderbolt port, you can connect your laptop using a Thunderbolt cable to the dock and connect an Ethernet cable from the dock to your router or existing network.
For detailed instructions, click here.

5. Does the F4U085 support dual displays?

Yes.  For dual display, at least one (1) display has to be Thunderbolt or Thunderbolt 2 technology.  For displays that are not Thunderbolt technology ready, Thunderbolt port is backwards compatible with Mini DisplayPort and dock supports either HDMI or Mini DisplayPort but not both.

6. Can I use an adapter for dual display for example a Thunderbolt to VGA/HDMI adapter?

No.  The display/monitor connected to the Thunderbolt port must be a true Thunderbolt connection.

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