Pairing the Kindle Fire™ tablet to the Belkin QODE Keyboard Cases, F5L164 or F5L165

Pairing your Kindle Fire 7” HD and HDX to the Belkin QODE Portable Keyboard Case for Kindle Fire 7-Inch HD and HDX, F5L164 or your Kindle Fire 8.9” HDX to the Belkin QODE Classic Keyboard Case for Kindle Fire 8.9-Inch HDX, F5L165 is easy with Bluetooth® pairing.  Follow the step-by-step instructions to know how.

IMPORTANT:  Before using your Belkin QODE Keyboard, make sure to disconnect the Bluetooth devices previously connected to it.  Also, if the keyboard layout of your device is different from that of your Hardware Keyboard, you must change the keyboard language to update the output.  Modifying only the iPad® or mobile phone language will not change the keyboard output.  For more information on how to change this on your Android™ device, click here.  For more information on how to change this on your iOS device, click here.

NOTE:  Make sure that the keyboard is switched ON before pairing your Kindle Fire tablet.

Step 1:
On your Kindle Fire Home screen, swipe from the top of the screen down and tap the More icon.
Step 2:
Tap Settings.
Step 3:
Tap Wireless.
Step 4:
Tap Bluetooth.
Step 5:
On the Enable Bluetooth section, tap ON.
Step 6:
On the keyboard, hold the fn and <…> pair button.  Then wait while your Kindle Fire searches the keyboard.
Step 7:
Once the keyboard is found, under Available Devices, tap QODE Keyboard Case.
You have now paired your Kindle Fire device to the Belkin F5L164 or Belkin F5L165.
To know more about the Belkin F5L164, click here.  For Belkin F5L165, click here.

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