Belkin DisplayLink Docks

Thank you for purchasing a Belkin USB-C® computer dock.  Your new dock utilizes DisplayLink® technology.  DisplayLink allows your computer to support multiple external displays using your Belkin dock. 

Before you begin using your dock, you will need to ensure that you are using the most up-to-date DisplayLink drivers for your computer.   Failure to do so will keep you from using the display functionality of your dock.  Click on the link below for your computer:

What Belkin products require DisplayLink drivers?

The following Belkin products require DisplayLink drivers to be installed on any computer that you wish to use with the dock for full display functionality:

  • Belkin CONNECT Universal USB-C Triple Display Dock, INC007
  • Belkin CONNECT USB-C Dual Display Docking Station, INC002
  • Belkin USB-C Express Dock 3.1 HD (USB Type-C), F4U093

What is DisplayLink?

DisplayLink is a technology that makes it easy to connect a computer to a universal docking station and use multiple devices such as external displays, extra USB ports, and audio or ethernet devices through the dock.  Belkin is not associated with DisplayLink.  DisplayLink drivers are developed and hosted by DisplayLink.

For more information on DisplayLink, visit their website at

For initial setup instructions of Belkin INC007 using the DisplayLink Manager driver, click

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