5K Wireless Magnetic Power Bank with Stand usecase

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2024 travel companions.

From power banks to earbuds, here's how to choose the tech that powers your 2024 adventures.

Buying a power bank

What’s the best power bank for an action-packed adventure? Read our guide to find out what to think about when choosing which power bank to slip into your rucksack pocket. We’ll look at how to work out what size you’ll need, how much charge a power bank has in it and whether you can take it on the plane.

Buying a USB-C charger or car charger

Never run out of charge in the middle of the action again. Our guide to USB-C chargers gives you the lowdown on wattage, fast chargers and car chargers for your next adventure. Get roadtrip-ready with an in-car USB charger for your dash cam, phone or laptop, and discover the best Apple alternatives.

Buying wireless earbuds and headphones

Watching the grand final or setting out for a once-in-a-lifetime mountain trek, you need earbuds that offer great audio without falling out. Read our tips for buying wireless earbuds and headphones and find out what to consider, how to get the right fit and how to pair and recharge your new earphones.

Buying USB-C adapters and hubs

From editing your travel vlog to downloading your holiday snaps, USB-C adapters and hubs help you make the most of your tech when you're back at basecamp. Read our guide to buying USB-C adapters and hubs to find out what to think about when choosing an adapter and how to get your photos off your camera.

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