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Docks & Hubs FAQ

A docking station is an electronic device that allows for connection between a laptop and many other items through a single USB-C port. It can connect to external monitors, SD Cards, USB-A products, headphones, and many other connections. Docking stations help turn your laptop into a desktop. Additionally, this single connection can also provide power to your laptop, ensuring a fully functional system.

Depending on what you are trying to achieve, a docking station allows for multiple connections to your laptop. Users of docking stations utilize them to expand the use of their laptop with a second or multiple screens and allows them to plug in multiple devices through a single USB-C port. The single cable can also be used to power their laptop.

Generally, yes. Through a single USB-C port, most laptops that have a USB-C port are able to utilize a docking station. However, it is always good to check the specs on the laptop and the product specs to ensure compatibility.

Yes. Docking stations can charge a laptop but it is important to review the product specs if this is a key consideration.

A docking station turns a laptop into a desktop complete with wall power to charge the laptop and adds additional ports to your computer. A hub provides additional ports to the laptop to expand functionality but does not always allow for pass through charging for your laptop.

A docking station allows for the user to connect many devices to their laptop through a single cable. The docking station allows for expansive use of peripherals as well as makes it easy to connect and disconnect a laptop to take it anywhere. Docking stations also charge the laptop through the single connection.

A Thunderbolt hub offers the simplest, most reliable, and fastest docking solutions available for connecting all the accessories on your desk with a single fippable, reversible cable. It provides 40Gbps of bandwidth for increased productivity and allows for expansion of ports, for storage, displays, ethernet that certain laptops may be missing.

USB-C hubs work on most laptops that have a USB-C port. It is important to check the hub's product compatibility to ensure it works with your device. Alternatively, the laptop should have information on if hubs work for the product.

Most users connect one USB-C hub to a laptop but multiple can be used if the laptop has multiple USB-C hubs.

Generally, no. A USB hub acts as an intermediate device and a conduit between your laptop and connected peripherals and accessories. A hub can provide maximum speeds and bandwidths accordingly to the specs of your laptop and host devices.