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How to reboot and restore the Wemo WiFi Smart Dimmer, F7C059

You can reboot or restore your Wemo® WiFi Smart Dimmer, F7C059 using either the Wemo App (recommended) or physically on the device itself.  This article will help you reboot or restore your Wemo Dimmer.
NOTE:  The Wemo Dimmer has a dedicated reboot / restore button (LED bar).



Step 1:  Remove the faceplate to expose the LED bar (clear bar).
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Step 2:  Press and hold the LED bar for 2 seconds.  Release the bar when the LED turns white.  Holding the LED bar down and releasing it while the bar is still white (before the Level-LEDs count down) reboots the device.  Don’t hold it for more than 5 seconds, otherwise it will turn blue and when LED turns blue, this means you have just reset your Wi-Fi settings on the Dimmer.


Reset Wi-Fi 

If the Dimmer appears in the Wemo App, tap the Edit icon and select the Dimmer > Reset options > Reset Wi-Fi settings.  If the Dimmer is not detected in the Wemo App, remove the faceplate to expose the LED bar and hold and release the clear bar until the LED bar turns blue.

Restoring with the Wemo App (Recommended)

Step 1:  Open the Wemo App and go to the Devices list.  Tap on the Edit icon located at the top-right corner of the Devices list.  It will change to Done to show that it is in Edit mode. 

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Step 2:  Locate the Wemo device you wish to edit and tap on the green arrow to open the specific Device Edit menu.
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Step 3:  On the Edit screen, tap Reset Options.
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Step 4:  Tap on Reset Name, Rules & Data.  A dialog box will pop up to verify if this is what you would like to perform.  Tap on Yes to continue or Cancel to stop and go back.
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Restoring with the physical button

If the Dimmer is not being detected in the Wemo App, you can restore it to factory defaults by using the LED bar.
Step 1: Remove the faceplate to expose the LED bar.

Step 2: Hold and release the clear bar until the LED turns red, then release it.   

IMPORTANT:  Do NOT hold the LED bar longer after the red light is illuminated when restoring, or after the blue light begins to blink.  This can cause the unit to NOT restore.

NOTE:  Restoring the Wemo Dimmer using the physical button will NOT remove it from the Wemo Remote Cloud Server, your Wemo App, or any rules it is associated with.  Once your Dimmer is back on the network and the Wemo App is detecting it, you can choose to reset through the app to remove the dimmer from the cloud or simply just delete the rules as needed.

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