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Belkin Mixit DuraTek™ Lightning to USB Cable, F8J207 Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What is the Belkin Mixit DuraTek™ Lightning to USB Cable, F8J207?

The Belkin Mixit DuraTek™ Lightning to USB Cable, F8J207 is forged from superior quality materials for ultimate durability.  The inner wiring contains Kevlar® fibers for added strength and abrasion-resistance.  This Lightning to USB Cable can withstand even the most demanding routines, and perform above and beyond expectation to deliver a cable that borders on indestructible, avoiding breakages, and letting you charge or sync your iPhone® or iPad® either at home or on the go.  To know more about the Belkin F8J207, click here.

2.  What color variations does the Belkin F8J207 have?
The Belkin F8J207 comes in the following color variations:
  • F8J207bt04–C00 (Rose Gold)
  • F8J207bt04–BLK (Black)
  • F8J207bt04–GLD (Gold)
  • F8J207bt04–SLV (Silver)
For a detailed view of the Belkin F8J207’s color variations, click here.

3.  How long is the warranty period of the Belkin F8J207?
The Belkin F8J207 has a limited five (5) year warranty.
4.  What is the length of the Belkin F8J207 cable?
The Belkin F8J207 has a 4 ft cable length.
5.  What are the features of the Belkin F8J207?
The Belkin F8J207 has the following features:
  • Built with DuPont™ Kevlar®, a high strength synthetic fiber used as a reinforcing agent to strengthen the conductors and enhance protection.
  • Double-braided Nylon exterior which is made from a premium and hard-wearing nylon material.  Double braiding is a technique used in rope making and gives maximum strength and added resilience.
  • Flexible Insulation inside the cable.  The highly flexible insulation within DuraTek™ minimizes friction, allowing the cable to bend easily and the wires within to move without damage.
  • Better strain relief where the cable joins the connector head.  It has been optimized to withstand the greatest amount of bend cycles.

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