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How to Properly Power Cycle a Belkin Home Network

The network power cycle can be a very effective tool when you lose Internet connectivity on one or all of your connected network devices.  If a home network goes down, i.e. loses Internet connectivity, the foremost solution of any home user is to power cycle their network.

To begin you have to turn OFF all devices that are connected to your home network.  Devices without an ON/OFF switch will need to be unplugged.  Then begin to power ON the devices in the following order.

Step 1:
Turn ON the modem and wait for it to connect to your ISP.  This will normally take one (1) minute or less.

Step 2:
Turn ON the Belkin router and wait for the power light on the device to become solid.

Step 3:
Turn ON the wired devices and check for Internet connectivity.

Step 4:
Turn ON the wireless devices and check for Internet connectivity.

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