What's a charger really do?

We're glad you asked.

Before we look at GaN on the inside of a charger, let's take a look at what a charger does. Each of our smartphones, tablets, and laptops has a battery. When a battery is transferring power to our devices, what's happening is actually a chemical reaction. A charger takes an electrical current to reverse that chemical reaction. In the early days, chargers just sent juice to a battery constantly, which could lead to overcharging and damage. Modern chargers include monitoring systems that lower the current as a battery fills up, which minimizes the possibility of overcharging.

Here's where GaN comes in

A transistor is essentially a switch. A chip is a component that has hundreds or even thousands of transistors in a very small space. What happens when GaN is used instead of silicon, is that everything can be closer together. That means more processing power can be packed into a smaller space. A small charger can do more work than a larger one, and can do it faster.

The most efficient power

Being lightweight and occupying less space makes GaN chargers great for travel. One charger is all most people will need when it has enough power for everything from a phone to a tablet and even a laptop.

Heat is a major factor in determining how long electronic devices keep working, and chargers are no exception. The efficiency of GaN in transferring power keeps heat to a minimum, so a modern GaN charger will keep working for a lot longer than non-GaN chargers made even a year or two in the past.

Belkin innovation meets GaN technology

Belkin was one of the first companies to design chargers for mobile devices and has been a trusted name since those earliest days. GaN technology is only part of the story. We work closely with industry leaders to develop products that are powerful, faster, and safer for each device you'll be connecting.

The world-class research and development we’re known for extends to our family of GaN chargers. In-house mechanical work, innovative electrical designs, and partnerships with leading chipset manufacturers deliver the best products and user experience possible.

Small meets power

Our 60W GaN charger is an excellent example of the next-generation solutions that Belkin creates. It’s the smallest 60W GaN charger on the market,* and brings the convenience of fast, powerful, and safe charging into an ultra-compact design. Ideal for travel, home or office, you’ll be able to charge your laptop, tablet, smartphone, or other USB-C devices, with a single powerful charger. Using innovative GaN technology, this charger provides up to 60W of power for any compatible device. Built-in protection keeps your devices safe from overcurrent and overvoltage damage. USB-C Power Delivery certification ensures fast and reliable performance with your devices. 

Engineered for safety, efficiency, and durability, Belkin chargers are accredited or approved for compatibility by companies such as Apple, Google, and the USB-Implementers Forum (aka USB-IF).

*Measured against top competitors in the U.S. marketplace as of Feb. 4, 2020.