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What is MagSafe?

Curious about Apple’s new MagSafe technology and if it’s right for you? We’ve broken down the basics and answered your FAQ’s.

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Wireless charging explained

Wireless charging explained

Wireless charging technology is growing in popularity. Learn more about this safe and convenient way to charge your Qi-enabled smartphones, watches and other devices.

What is a surge protector & how to choose one

Surge protectors guard your most important tech against voltage spikes that can potentially damage devices. Find out how to ensure device safety, minimize malfunction, and curb risk posed by internal or external power surges.

Fast charging and why you need it

Fast charging and why you need it

From smartphones to laptops and the chargers that power them, manufacturers are talking about “Fast Charging”, but what does it really mean? Find out what is right for your smartphone and start charging faster.

GaN charging quick guide

GaN charging quick guide

We took a new look at chargers and made them safer and smaller than ever with all the power you’ll need. How did we do it? With GaN. Learn what it is and why you’ll love it

Portable charging 101

Portable charging 101

You fear the dreaded low battery. You want the option to power up on-the-go. But with so many options available, how do you choose? Follow these simple steps to find your perfect portable battery pack.

The fast track to fully charged

The fast track to fully charged

USB Power Delivery means faster charging and more power for all kinds of compatible devices. Fast Charge for iPhone promises significantly faster charging for newer Apple iPhones and iPads. For Android, Power Delivery is a high-speed shortcut for compatible USB-C devices, like Google Pixel 2 and 2 XL.

Quick Charge™: Get the facts

Quick Charge™: get the facts

Qualcomm® Quick Charge technology powers your devices faster than conventional charging, allowing you to spend less time connected to outlets. Learn how it works and how to keep your devices safe when fast charging.

USB-C overview

With new technology comes new challenges and USB-C, also known as USB Type-C, is no exception. Learn more about why Belkin USB-C cables are the most reliable, highest grade, and safest cables on the market.

So what exactly is USB-C?

What is Thunderbolt 3?

Thunderbolt, developed by Intel, steps up USB port technology by supporting both high‐speed data and video. Harnessing Thunderbolt through a USB-C port created in partnership with USB-IF, Thunderbolt 3 is the fastest port available. It connects Thunderbolt devices, all HD and 4K displays, and billions of USB-C devices using one compact, reversible cable.

How to choose a USB-C hub, docking station, or adapter

A USB-C hub, docking station or adapter is the solution to the problem of how to connect multiple essential or “nice-to-have" devices to your laptop through one cable when you don’t have enough or the right types of ports.

How to choose a screen protector

A screen protector is a transparent layer of strong material that you can attach to your phone to protect its screen. If you've ever used a device without a screen protector, you know the screen is vulnerable to cracks, scratches - and in some cases, total destruction. But with a screen protector, if your phone falls off your desk, gets shuffled around in a pocket or purse, or takes an impact, the screen protector, not the screen, breaks.

Cybersecurity and Secure KVM

Since introducing the first secure KVMs for government and military applications in 2006, Belkin has continued to help shape and drive the NIAP and Common Criteria standards while delivering extensive innovations to declutter operator desks, drive higher efficiencies, and protect the most valuable networks.

Why you need a USB-C wall charger

Smartphones, tablets, laptops and accessories let you work, play, and stay in touch, anytime, anywhere – until your battery runs down. You want to make sure you can charge your devices whenever you need to -- and charge them fast.

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