5 out of 5 Customer Rating

SOUNDFORM™ Rise True Wireless Earbuds + 10K Power Bank Bundle

SOUNDFORM™ Rise True Wireless Earbuds + 10K Power Bank Bundle

SOUNDFORM™ Rise True Wireless Earbuds + 10K Power Bank Bundle

5 out of 5 Customer Rating

Press Play on Life

The sound quality you expect from great earbuds with convenient features that go above and beyond. The SOUNDFORM Rise True Wireless Earbuds are designed to get you through even the longest days with an impressive 7 hours of charge in each earbud and another 24 hours in the wireless charging case. Paired with the the BOOST↑CHARGE 10K Power Bank offering three ports to quickly charge a phone while charging earbuds or other devices at the same time so you can text, chat, listen and use apps confidently.

Extra-Long Battery Life

7 hours of playtime per charge, and up to another 24 hours of battery life in the wireless charging case. Recharge quickly with just ten minutes of charge in the case yielding one hour of playtime.

Elevated, Powerful Sound

6mm dynamic drivers deliver a consistent and high-quality listening experience for music, podcasts, or taking calls.

Better Streaming With Less Lag

Cut down on audio lag, so you get the best experience from your videos and other streaming media.

Dual Connect Technology

Use either earbud on its own and keep one ear free to the outside world in mono mode.

Crystal Clear-Call Quality

Two microphones in each earbud and clear-call environmental noise cancelling technology keep calls connected and clear.

Compatible With All Bluetooth™ Devices

Bluetooth 5.2 technology is compatible with smartphones, tablets, and laptops, and has a 10m connection range.

Qi Wireless Charging Case

Recharge the earbuds quickly and easily in their included wireless case.

Sweat And Splash Resistant

IPX5 rated materials protect the earbuds’ inner technology from workouts and weather.

Customisable Comfort

Included silicone ear tips in 3 sizes allow for all day use and comfort.

Versatile Power For Three Devices   

This power bank charges up to three devices at once.  Delivering 12W of power when a single USB-A port is in use  and a total of 12W of power is shared across both USB-A ports when used simultaneously. Delivers 15W of power when only the USB-C port is in use  and a total 15W of power is shared across all ports when used simultaneously . 

Longer Lasting Power

Our Power Bank 10K comes equipped with a 10,000 mAh battery to give up to an additional 36 hours* of battery life to your smartphone. Text, chat, and watch videos without worrying about losing your charge as you power devices from one USB-C or two USB-A ports. A 15cm USB-A to USB-C® cable is included, so you can start charging right out of the box.      

*Maximum additional video playback hours calculated by comparing the mAh capacity of this power bank with the maximum video playback hours achievable by the iPhone 11 under normal conditions. Actual results will vary depending on differing factors for individual users.   

Package Includes:


  • SOUNDFORM™ Rise True Wireless Earbuds 
  • Wireless charging case  
  • USB-C cable to USB-A cable 
  • 3 sizes silicone ear tips​ 



  • BOOST↑CHARGE Power Bank 10K 
  • 15cm USB-A to USB-C Cable

At A Glance:


  • 31 hours of combined battery life 
  • Excellent sound quality 
  • Low latency for superior video streaming 
  • Dual connect technology and 2 microphones in each earbud 
  • Bluetooth compatible with 10m range 
  • IPX5 rated against water and sweat 
  • 3 size comfortable ear tips 
  • Available in black or white 


BOOST↑CHARGE Power Bank 10K 

  • 10,000 mAh   
  • 15W total power  
  • 3 ports: 2 USB-A and 1 USB-C   
  • 15cm USB-A to USB-C cable included