Updating the router’s firmware through the Belkin dashboard

A firmware update contains encoded instructions to improve the performance of your Belkin router. It can also resolve issues that the previous firmware version may have. 

It is recommended to connect your computer to the router using an ethernet cable for internet stability and to prevent update failures. Updating the firmware wirelessly may cause damage to the router if your WiFi is unstable during the process. 

This article will guide you on how to update the firmware of your Belkin router through the dashboard. Some steps may vary depending on the model and version of your router.

Automatically updating the firmware

If your router's dashboard has the option to check updates automatically, simply click that button. In this way, when a new firmware is available, you may directly proceed to update the firmware. 

Manually updating the firmware
Take note of the 
model number and version of your router which you can find on the label at the bottom of the router or on the box above the UPC. 

1. Launch a web browser and go to the Belkin Support page.
2. Type the model number of your router in the search bar and press [Enter]. The Belkin F9K1113 is used here as an example.
3. Under Product Results, click on your product or the Get Support button.

Alternatively, you can scroll down to the DOWNLOADS section under Support Results, click your product's download article, then proceed to
step 5 below.

5 . Select the hardware version of your router.
6. Click on Download. You may be asked to specify a location to save the file or it may automatically be saved to a default download location depending on the settings of your web browser. 
7. Once the download is completed, open another web browser, type "http://router" or the router's default IP address, "" in the Address bar, and press [Enter]. If you have changed the IP address of your Belkin router, use that instead. You can also log in to the dashboard to verify the IP address.
8. Click dashboard >>.
9. Scroll down, click Advanced Settings > Utilities then select Firmware Update.
You can also go to Router Details Firmware.

10. Click Choose File and select the file you downloaded, then click Open > Update. Make sure the router is uninterrupted until it completes the update.  
You should now have successfully updated the firmware of your router. Check if the lights on the router have stabilized and it has rebooted properly before using it again. 

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