Dedicated to doing better.

Our commitment to sustainability.

We care deeply for the future of our planet. While we take pride in our achievements as a leader in corporate sustainability, we’re always looking ahead, setting new goals, and reaching for higher standards.

The products you love, made responsibly.

We’ve made the decision to build our products' housing from Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) materials and use plastic-free packaging. PCR materials utilize plastics destined for landfills, giving them a new life. It’s one of the meaningful steps we’ve taken to support the circular economy and reduce dependence on first-production virgin plastics. With this change we reduce product housing CO2-eq emissions by up to 67%, keeping an estimated 7,000 metric tons* of CO2-eq emissions from being released into the environment.

*Based on forecast calculations from May 2022

Sustainability Award

2022 Award winner from Business Intelligence Group​

We are committed to environmentally ethical business practises on a global scale and we're proud to announce we're a winner of a 2022 Sustainability award! As a global leader in consumer electronics, this award signals progress for our company to lead positive change for our planet. More on the announcement can be viewed here.

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Same quality, same design, better for the planet.

Look for the Made with Recycled Plastics and Plastic-Free Packaging icons to find our products that are built from post-consumer recycled materials. You’ll get the same quality, innovative designs at the same price while helping reduce dependence on first-production virgin plastics.

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20% Single-use plastic reduction since 2019​

We successfully removed plastic in packaging and replaced it with recyclable materials.​

This was implemented across new and existing products.

We use 100% Recycled PET (RPET) where possible, exceeding our goal to incorporate at least 30% RPET in our packaging when plastics are used.​

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Commitment to responsible packaging

We require a chain-of-custody certification to ensure that our paper is sourced from responsibly managed forests and is compliant with all applicable local and international laws. This also ensures protection of worker and indigenous peoples’ rights, minimises our environmental impact, and protects the long-term viability of the forest.​