Meet the future of wireless charging.

Don’t just upgrade – leap forward with Qi2, the new standard for wireless charging.

Snap into place for perfect alignment.

Our Qi2 chargers feature magnetic alignment that locks your device accurately on the charger, reducing energy loss for dramatically faster and more efficient charging.

Say hello to super-speedy charging.

No more waiting around for your phone to charge. Qi2’s innovative wireless design charges it up to two times faster, with 15W of power that quickly and safely charges compatible devices without affecting their battery life.

Works with any Qi2-enabled device.

Use our Qi2 chargers with Qi2-enabled devices, from the iPhone 12 and up, plus Apple Watch and AirPods. With lots more Qi2 products to roll out in the future, you’ll be just as equipped for the phones of tomorrow as you are for your devices today.

Smart, safe, sustainable.

Qi2 optimises energy use and protects your device’s battery life, so it’s a sustainable choice. It’s made with recycled plastic and comes in plastic-free packaging – and with no frayed cords or broken plugs, there’s less for landfill anyway.

The wireless charging standard is set.

Speedy, safe, sustainable. What are you waiting for? Choose Qi2 for fast, future-ready phone charging that protects your device’s battery life and optimizes energy use. The future of wireless charging is here.

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