4.3 out of 5 Customer Rating

ScreenForce UltraGlass Treated Screen Protector for iPhone 14 Pro

SKU: OVA103zz

ScreenForce UltraGlass Treated Screen Protector for iPhone 14 Pro


ScreenForce UltraGlass Treated Screen Protector for iPhone 14 Pro

SKU: OVA103zz
4.3 out of 5 Customer Rating

Incredibly strong and incredibly slim. UltraGlass is scientifically engineered to make it twice as strong as tempered glass — without adding thickness to your screen. In fact, it’s actually thinner than tempered glass. So go ahead. Drop your phone. Bang it. Bump it. UltraGlass can take it.

Double Strengthened Protection

UltraGlass with German-engineered technology, powered by Schott Innovation, delivers the next generation of screen protection for your latest device. UltraGlass is double strengthened for ultra-impact protection, minimizing the damage from drops and impact. The glass contains an antimicrobial treatment to protect the product from discoloration and degradation, without sacrificing touchscreen response or clarity.

Ultra-Tough Glass for Ultra-Tough Protection

The next generation of screen protection for your iPhone has arrived with German-engineered glass, powered by Schott Innovation.

Double the Strength of Tempered Glass

Get top-of-the-line protection with first-of-its-kind UltraGlass. This double strengthened glass is tested and proved to have up to 2 times better drop protection than tempered glass, and 2 times better daily wear and tear.*

Ultra-Slim, Ultra-Protected

At just 0.29mm, this screen protector is the thinnest in the Belkin collection, and arguably the strongest on the market. Its multi-layered protection is so thin, that you can barely tell it’s there.

The Ultimate in Scratch Protection

UltraGlass’ ultra-tough top layer is tested and proved to provide the highest level of scratch protection available. From keys to coins and anything in between, your screen will be safe from any object that can leave marks.

Reduced Discoloration and Degradation

Extend the lifetime of your screen protector and protect it from the discoloration with the anti-microbial treatment that’s included in the glass. It protects your screen from microbial growth often found on your hands and surfaces your phone encounters that can cause screen protector degradation.

Feels and Reacts Like Your Natural Screen

This protector’s thin precision cut, and its intelligent glass composition make it highly sensitive to pressure, ensuring every touch is transferred accurately to the screen beneath.

Clear as Glass

Enjoy all the protection without any visual compromise. This protector’s real glass composition will give you the superb screen clarity you’ve been searching for.

Repels Fingerprints and Smudges

Maintain a pristine screen display for streaming, reading, and any other phone activity with the anti-fingerprint coating feature.

No Bubbles, No Lifting, No Problem

Our patented, easy application process is unique and completely fool-proof. Watch this video to learn how our Easy Align Tray makes this at-home application a snap.

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At a Glance

  • Premium chemically-engineered German glass
  • 2x Stronger for Drop Protection
  • Increased edge strength for improved durability
  • Improved flexibility
  • 50% more resistant to wear and tear
  • The glass contains an antimicrobial agent to protect the screen protector from microbial growth
  • Easy Align tray for simple, precise, bubble-free application

Package Includes

  • SCREENFORCETM UltraGlass Treated Screen Protector for iPhone 14 Pro
  • Easy Align tray 
  • Dust removal sticker 
  • Cleaning cloth

*Based on drop tests of lithium aluminosilicate versus single-tempered aluminosilicate glass, using rough sandpaper. 80% of screen protectors survived a drop height 2x higher than conventional single-tempered aluminosilicate glass.

Rated 9H against low-carbon steel at 5H, using the ASTM D3363 Film Hardness by Pencil Test Hardness