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SAMSUNG GALAXY S4 Micra Glam Matte Case

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Designed using our thinnest material, the Micra Glam Matte Case celebrates the curves and lines of your Samsung Galaxy S4. The Micra Glam Matte Case is easy to take on and off, so you can change your case as often as you change your look.

The Micra Glam Matte Case is designed to protect the buttons on the sides of your Samsung Galaxy S4 while keeping your ports, speakers, and camera fully exposed. Quickly and easily adjust your volume, plug in your headphones, snap a photo, and connect your charging cable while keeping your case on and your phone fully protected.
Belkin Micra Glam Matte
Belkin Micra Glam Matte
Belkin Micra Glam Matte
Belkin Micra Glam Matte
  • Multi-dimensional metallic finish
  • Hard polycarbonate material
  • Impact and scratch protection
  • Ultra-slim form-fitting design
  • Allows full access to all controls, ports, and camera
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty 

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  • Galaxy S4