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Belkin's N150 Enhanced Wireless Router is perfect for setting up a wireless network that has the range to easily cover a home or office. The N150 offers speeds ideal for handling applications that take up more bandwidth than simple emailing and Web-surfing.


Connecting the N150 Enhanced Wireless Router to your cable or ADSL modem lets you share your broadband Internet account with all your networked computers. Now you can quickly and efficiently exchange documents, share resources, and stream digital music throughout your network. For the most reliable network performance, and to achieve coverage ideal for a home or office, pair this Router with the Belkin Enhanced USB Adapter (sold separately).


The combination provides a wireless experience perfect for sharing your Internet connection, surfing the Web, and demanding network applications. The Enhanced N150 range is 802.11b and g certified and based on the 802.11n technology. This range will give you 802.11n performance up to 150Mbps at an even more affordable price.


The N150 Enhanced Wireless Router's vertical enclosure is space-efficient with two built-in external antennas that provide a wireless range of 1,000 feet and easily cover an apartment or small office. Six LEDs for Power, Wired, Wireless, Modem, Security, and Internet lets you know the status of your network at a glance, making it easy to troubleshoot any problems.

In addition to surfing the Internet, checking emails, and chatting with friends, Wireless G+ provides enough bandwidth to transfer large photo and music files, and stream videos without waiting for them to buffer. You can also share networked peripherals such as a Wi-Fi printer, hard drives, and DVDs.

In addition, the Router has four 10/100 Ethernet ports at the back, giving you the option to plug in for a steady and secure fast connection running at 100Mbps.

Thanks to the strong built-in security, including support for WPA, WPA2, Wi-Fi Protected Setup, and 64- and 128-bit WEP encryption, you will be protected from hackers and intruders trying to gain access to your sensitive files. Setting up security is simple, too: just push the Wi-Fi Protected Setup button located on the front of the Router. The Router also supports VPN for making secure connections between the home and office.

Belkin designed the N150 Enhanced Wireless Router for ease of use and it's backed by a 1-year limited warranty.