Renaming devices listed in the Belkin router’s Parental Internet Control

This article will give you instructions on how to change the name of the devices listed in the Parental Internet Control feature of some Belkin routers.
Step 1:
Access the router's web-based setup page by opening a web browser such as Internet Explorer or Safari®.  On the Address bar, enter your router's IP address then press [Enter]
NOTE:  The default local IP address of Belkin routers is
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Step 2:
Click Parental Internet Control.
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Step 3:
Enter your router's password and click Let me in!
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The router will then search all the devices connected to your network.
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A list of devices currently connected to your network will be displayed.
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Step 4:
Choose which device you want to change or rename.  Click the green arrow beside it.
NOTE:  In this example the ANDROID-13896B8A6F90 is used.
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Step 5:
Click on the device name field and enter a new device name.
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Step 6:
Click User-added image  for the changes to be applied.
You should have successfully renamed your device now.
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