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Secure KVM

Designed for NIAP Protection Profile for Peripheral Switching Devices 4.0

Since introducing the first secure KVMs for government and military applications in 2006, Belkin has continued to help shape and drive the NIAP and Common Criteria standards while delivering extensive innovations to declutter operator desks, drive higher efficiencies, and protect the most valuable networks.

Belkin’s Secure KVM Series:

  • First to market with Secure KVMs

  • First to market with Windowing KVM concept

  • First to market with Seamless Cursor Based Switching in Secure KM

  • First to market with Secure KVM Remote with Integrated Keyboard

  • First to market with Integrated Secure FLIP KVM Concept

  • First to market with Universal Video Compliant Secure KVMs

  • Full complement of TAA-compliant cables and accessories

  • US-based free telephone technical support for the life of the product

  • Standard 3-year warranty with advance replacements and optional extensions

  • Innovations ease selection, procurement, installation, operation, and maintenance

Modular Secure KVM & KM Series

When Size Matters

Belkin's Modular series of secure KVMs and KMs are engineered and purpose-built to deliver the smallest secure peripheral sharing switches designed for NIAP PP 4.0 compliance on the market. While only slightly larger than a modern smartphone, Belkin’s Modular series of secure KVMs and KMs pack all the security constructs to ensure air-gap isolation and system security.

Modular Secure KVM & KM Series:

  • Custom built cables eliminate bulk while providing for universal video compatibility across every channel and every monitor

  • Innovative mounting options including VESA mounts and under-desk mounts ease installation while providing for flexible desktop design options



  • Supplied remote controls designed for NIAP PP 4.0 compliance ensure secure operation with enhanced user experience

  • Purpose-built accessories provide for seamless extension options

Universal 2nd Gen SKVM

When the Mission
Demands No

Belkin's Universal 2nd Generation Secure KVM series represent the cutting-edge in cybersecurity provisions, video performance, and user experience to deliver a no-compromise solution for the most demanding applications.

Universal 2nd Gen SKVM Series:

  • Equipped with Belkin's innovative combo connectors, auto-video format sensing technology, internal video converters, and supported with the widest arrays of TAA-compliant cabling, the universal SKVMs support any standard video format on any input and drive any standard video format to any connected monitor

  • Engineered to deliver 4K resolution video at 60Hz refresh on any channel and across 1 or 2 monitors




  • Designed to meet NIAP PP PSD 4.0's optional analog audio output requirements, delivering an 8th order audio filter capable of protecting against ultra-sonic signaling attacks
  • Designed to meet NIAP PP PSD 4.0's optional requirement for always-on, active anti-tamper, ensuring the unit has not been opened since the final assembly step in the factory

  • Innovative front panel can be programmed with color codes to indicate the security level of each connected system

  • Pair with the world’s first keyboard that integrates KVM channel selection with RGB backlighting, designed for NIAP PP 4.0 compliance

KVMs Reimagined

Thoughtful innovation to optimize user experiences

Secure Modular Series
Secure Modular Series

The NIAP PP4.0 compliant compact and customizable Secure KVM Solution

Universal 2nd Gen Series
Universal 2nd Gen Series

The NIAP PP4.0 compliant no-compromise secure switching solution for the most demanding applications.

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