5 客戶評分(滿分為 5 分)

Car Vent Mount PRO with MagSafe


Car Vent Mount PRO with MagSafe

5 客戶評分(滿分為 5 分)

In-car experience reimagined for your iPhone 14/13/12 series. The MagSafe car vent mount is designed to provide a seamless set-and-drive experience while keeping your iPhone safely mounted and conveniently within view.


我們為 MagSafe 車載支架設計了功能強大的磁力組件,確保您的 iPhone 13 或 iPhone 12 在顛簸和轉彎時都能安全地固定。高品質的底座和堅固的出風口夾可確保您的 MagSafe 車載支架牢固夾緊。*

belkin magnetic attachmentbelkin magnetic attachment


我們設計了這款內置 MagSafe 技術的車載支架,可牢固夾緊您的 iPhone 12,沿路顛簸和轉彎都紋風不動。高品質的底座和堅固的出風口夾可確保您的 MagSafe 車載支架 PRO 牢固夾緊。


MagSafe 車載支架使用優質圓球,單手就能輕鬆從縱向旋轉為橫向模式。以縱向設定播放清單,然後旋轉為橫向使用您的導航應用程式。


上車就能架起 iPhone 12 或 iPhone 12 Pro,然後立刻出行。MagSafe 支架方便您架好 iPhone,不會拖慢時間。


帶有MagSafe的Car Vent Mount PRO適用於MagSafe手機保護套,只需將您的iPhone 12系列設備,保護套及所有配件置於磁性表面即可。


  • 專為全新 iPhone 12 重新設計的車載支架解決方案
  • 內置正版 MagSafe 技術
  • MagSafe 解決方案讓您輕鬆架起手機,立即駕駛,全無阻礙
  • 具備高品質底座和出風口夾,配上強大的 MagSafe 連接性能,確保您的裝置在駕駛時也能牢固夾緊
  • 可以任何方向查看手機,方便充電、串流、通話和導航
  • 易用的線纜管理設計方便您隨時取用充電線纜,永遠不必擔心電量太低
  • 設計優雅時尚,外形纖巧精緻,能襯托您全新的 iPhone 12 或
  • 2 年保養服務


  • MagSafe 車載支架 PRO

*The Car Vent Mount PRO with MagSafe has been tested to attach securely to most standard car vents. You should ensure that Car Vent Mount PRO with MagSafe can attach securely in your particular vehicle's vents prior to use.

Don't place credit cards, security badges, passports, or key fobs between your iPhone and MagSafe Charger, because this might damage magnetic strips or RFID chips in those items. If you have a case that holds any of these sensitive items, remove them before charging or make sure that they aren’t between the back of your device and the charger.