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  1. Highly abrasion and UV resistant to avoid discoloration and to remain clear
  2. Tough TPU for lightweight and invisible protection
  3. Tactile, responsive “push+click” buttons
  4. Dual layer PC frame reinforces protection with TPU to cushion for drops
  5. Raised beveled edge helps protect screen from tabletop scratching


Elegant, yet deceptively strong, the SheerForce Pro Case protects your iPhone with Air Protect Technology. A tough outer shell with a strong internal structure and a dual-layer composition provide advanced protection. Exceptionally slim and lightweight, the color-coordinated, high gloss finish means protection without compromising the look and feel of your iPhone. With unrestricted access to all ports and highly responsive push+click buttons, this strong, slim case keeps your iPhone lightweight, portable and above all, protected.


  • iPhone 7
Air Protect technology stays strong and beautiful


Air Protect technology hides a strong but flexible internal structure inside a slim, form-fitting case, to deliver advanced impact-absorption. It is also anti-scratch and UV-resistant to avoid discoloration. This is protection that stays strong and beautiful.


Protection is enhanced through a dual layer composition within the SheerForce Pro Case. A rigid frame is used to provide support and structure, while a material chosen for its soft, flexible properties provides an added layer to absorb impact. Other materials and processes provide coatings that protect from scratching, abrasion, and even UV rays, to further protect the iPhone from damage and discoloration.

Iphone Sheerforce Pro
The perfect accessory to your iPhone in both color and feel


The SheerForce Pro Case is designed to be the perfect accessory to your iPhone in both color and feel. A smooth, transparent, high gloss finish, color-coordinated to accent and enhance the iPhone, delivers a case that protects, without compromising design.

Features a micro-dot pattern designed to prevent sticking


Invisible from the outside, the case interior features a micro-dot pattern designed to prevent the case sticking to the back of your iPhone. This prevents the illusion that there is water inside the case.


Free, unrestricted access to all your iPhones features means ports are easy to access, buttons are highly responsive with a push+click feel, and all case elements are designed to keep your phone lightweight, portable and above all, protected.

All Belkin products are submitted to rigorous testing


All Belkin products are submitted to rigorous testing, and SheerForce phone cases are no exception. Tested to withstand the effects of drops or abrasive components ensures advanced protection and scratch-resistance for your device. Belkin cases are also tested to ensure they maintain their look and fit through exposure to extreme temperatures, high humidity, UV rays, solvents and heavy use over the lifetime of the device.

At a Glance:

  • With Air Protect Technology
  • Dual-layer case with internal protective frame
  • Rigid frame provides support and structure
  • Soft, flexible layer absorbs impact
  • UV-resistant case stays clear
  • Micro-dot interior stops iPhone sticking to case
  • Transparent, high gloss finish
  • Color coordinated to enhance iPhone
  • Anti-scratch coating protects from abrasion
  • Injection-molded reinforced edges and corners
  • Slim, lightweight and form-fitting
  • Full access to ports
  • Responsive push+click buttons

Package Includes:

  • SheerForce Pro Case for iPhone 7

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