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Belkin 2 Meter Thunderbolt™ 3 Active, 40 Gbps Cable Frequently Asked Questions

1.    What is the Belkin 2 Meter Thunderbolt™ 3 Active, 40 Gbps Cable and what is its output charging power?

The Belkin 2 Meter Thunderbolt™ 3 Active, 40 Gbps Cable is a 2-meter active Thunderbolt cable that helps you enjoy super fast data transfer via USB-C™ of up to 40 Gbps.  The output charging power of this cable is 20 V / 5 A charging output (100 W).  To know more about this product, click here.

2.    Can I plug a hub into this and charge multiple devices using it?

This would be dependent on the power output capacity of the hub itself.  The cable can support delivery of up to 100 W of power to / from the hub.

3.    Does this cable have surge protection capabilities?

No, but the cable has an IC to regulate the current / voltage being transferred from a power supply to a host machine or peripheral device.

4.    What is the warranty for this device?

This device has a 2-year limited warranty. 

5.    What colors does this charger come in and what are the connectors made of?

This is available in Black only and the connectors are made of High Gloss Polycarbonate.

6.    What does “Active” in the device name mean?

The Active in the device name means that this device has a PCBA inside with an IC that “re-drives” or boosts the signal quality in the cable.  This allows longer cables to transfer files at a high data rate.

7.    Can I use this cable as a USB-C Cable?  

Yes, but can only provide 480 Mbps of data unless it is connected to a Thunderbolt 3 host and peripheral (at which point it would be 40 Gbps).

8.    Is this device USB-IF Certified?

No, but it is Intel Thunderbolt certified. 

9.    What is the Data Transfer Rate of the cable?

The Data Transfer Rate between the TBT3 host and hard drive or monitor is 40 Gbps. 

10.    Does this device support DisplayPort™?  


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