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Superior Series 6-Socket Surge Protector

F9S620sa4M / {{blVariant}}
The Superior Series offers surge protection for your general electronics, home appliances, and more. This model boasts 1,940 Joules, 45,000 Maximum Spike Amperage, 6-sockets, and S$4,000 Connected Equipment Warranty.
  • 1,940 Joule energy rating provides maximum protection of all your sensitive electronic devices
  • Unique 180º Rotating Sockets accommodate large AC adapter blocks without covering an unused socket
  • 6 Surge-protected sockets supply complete, 3-line AC protection
  • Safeguards your telephone, fax, modem, while making two connectors out of one
  • Safety Shutters help to protect users and their children; safety shutters over live and neutral ports
  • The Spoiler Cable System™ for easy and clutter free cable management
  • BlockSpace™ Sockets provide room for large, AC adapter blocks, without covering an unused socket
  • New 180° Rotating Sockets accommodate large AC adapter blocks without covering unused sockets
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Connected Equipment Warranty Max. Damage Coverage S$ 4,000
  • 4 metre power cable delivers optimal, safe AC power through a heavy-duty cable
  • Illuminated LEDs indicate your devices are ground and protected
  • Filters EMI/RFI noise up to 58 dB reduction
  • Maximum Spike Amperage of 45,000 Amps
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