Belkin Connected Equipment Warranty (CEW) Frequently Asked Questions

Last Update: June 22, 2023

Many Belkin power products include a Connected Equipment Warranty. This warranty covers damage to any devices being used with the Belkin power product. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about the Belkin Connected Equipment Warranty and the process of requesting a Connected Equipment Warranty claim.

1. What is the difference between a Connected Equipment Warranty (CEW) and a product warranty?The Connected Equipment Warranty is separate from the Product Warranty. The Connected Equipment Warranty covers damage that your device may receive while being used with the Belkin product. A Product Warranty covers only the Belkin product and ensures that it is free from defects in design, assembly, material or workmanship during the warranty coverage period.
2. Do all Belkin products have a Connected Equipment Warranty (CEW)?Not all Belkin products have a Connected Equipment Warranty (CEW). The most common products to have a CEW are Belkin Surge Protectors, Belkin Wireless Chargers, Belkin Wired Chargers and Belkin Power Banks. Products such as Power Strips or Phone Screen Protectors do not come with a CEW.
3. What does the Connected Equipment Warranty (CEW) Cover?
The Connected Equipment Warranty covers equipment that is damaged while properly connected to a Belkin power product. The CEW covers repair or replacement of the device up to the associated CEW value for that Belkin product.
4. What is the maximum value for the Connected Equipment Warranty?The Connected Equipment Warranty (CEW) value differs depending upon the type of product. All Belkin products that come with a CEW will have the maximum value listed on the packaging and on the products page on
5. How do I file a Connected Equipment Warranty (CEW) claim if my equipment was damaged while in use with a Belkin power product?Belkin provides a Connected Equipment Warranty Claim From that you can fill out on the Belkin website here . This form will document all your information, provide you with a claim ID number and an address where to return your Belkin power product back to Belkin for analysis.
6. Do I need to send anything back to Belkin for my Connected Equipment Warranty (CEW) claim?Yes. After you fill out the CEW Claim request form, you will be instructed to print out a copy of the submission form. Sign this document and send it back along with the Belkin power product to the address provided on the submission form.
7. What will happen if I fill out the Connected Equipment Warranty (CEW) form and do not send in my Belkin power product for analysis?Belkin will not move forward with a CEW claim request until the Belkin power product is returned for analysis. If for some reason you cannot return the product, please contact our support team for more information. Make sure to have your Claim ID ready to provide the team member you speak with.
8. I have filled out the Connected Equipment Warranty (CEW) Claim form and received a claim ID. What happens next?1. Send your faulty surge protector with the completed claim form and receipt of purchase to Belkin. Transit can take up to 1 week depending on your location.

Please note that Belkin is not responsible for your parcel while in transit. It is strongly advised that you use a method of delivery that can be traced in case your parcel is lost (i.e., registered mail, express post, or courier). If Belkin does not receive your items within 12 weeks of initiating the claim, it will be considered void.

2. When your parcel arrives, the surge protector is sent to our testing lab for review. This review can take approximately 2 weeks.

3. Once we have the test results of the board testing, we will notify you of the result.

Please note that customers with a board that passes all tests will be contacted at this point and advised that the equipment was damaged through other means e.g., under voltage, surge through an unprotected line, general equipment failure, etc.

4. A Belkin representative may contact you requesting a diagnostics report and quote. Visit your local repair agent to obtain a diagnostics report on your connected equipment and a quotation to repair the damaged goods. Generally, we allow about 2 weeks for this to happen.

Please note that if the repairer deems the unit not economical to repair, we will require a statement in writing explaining the issue with repairing and a quote for a replacement based on the features of the damaged equipment.

IMPORTANT: If at this stage you decide to go ahead with any of the repairs, or replace any damaged equipment, you do so at your own discretion. Belkin will only approve repairs or replacements at the finalization of your claim.

5. Our claim team will put together a settlement letter based on the value of your connected equipment and will send it to you by either email or post, depending on previous correspondence.

Please note that Belkin will replace your damaged equipment based on the market average. The pricing average will be used for televisions, desktop computers, and notebooks. If postage is used, allow 1 to 2 weeks depending on your location.

6. The settlement letter will be received by you. Please read and sign then return it to Belkin. If posted, allow 1 week as this depends on your location.

7. The signed settlement letter will be forwarded to the Belkin accounts department which will make the transfer for the settlement amount. This usually takes around 1 week.

Based on the above factors a claim can take anywhere between 8 to 10 weeks to finalize. Please keep this in consideration when making your claim.
9. How long will it take for my Connected Equipment Warranty (CEW) claim to be processed?Depending upon the extent of the claim, it can take anywhere from 8 to 10 weeks after we receive the product return.
10. What do I need to return to Belkin when sending in my Connected Equipment Warranty (CEW) Claim?After you finish filling out the online form, you will need to print and sign the claim form and include it in the package along with the Belkin product. If possible, please include the proof of purchase (receipt) with your return and hold on to any damaged equipment should we need to examine that.
11. What happens to my product if the claim is denied?Belkin will mail the unit back to you upon your request.
12. I am having trouble filling out your online Connected Equipment Warranty (CEW) claim form. How can I process my claim?Reach out to our Customer Service team for assistance. Just let them know you are having trouble filing the claim.
13. What will Belkin do if I choose to file a claim with my homeowners’ insurance company?If your Belkin power product is found to be at fault, Belkin will reach out to your insurance company. Please include this information when filling out your Connected Equipment Warranty (CEW) claim form.
14. What do I do if I no longer have the receipt for my Belkin power product and want to file a Connected Equipment Warranty (CEW) claim?It is mandatory that the original purchaser provides evidence of purchase for warranty validation purposes. As an alternative, if the purchaser registered the product with Belkin, then proof of purchase can be validated.
15. Does Belkin provide information for repair shops or technicians?Belkin does not provide information for any specific repair shop or technician to obtain a repair estimate.
16. Who is responsible for payment when obtaining an estimate for damaged connected products?The customer is responsible for payment when obtaining repair estimates. If the Connected Equipment Warranty (CEW) claim is approved, Belkin will reimburse customers for any monies paid for estimates.
17. Does Belkin have any service centers to file claims and turn in damaged products?After filling out the Connected Equipment Warranty (CEW) claim form, you will be provided with the address of a Belkin service center for your local region. This address is provided based on the mailing address you use on your form.
18. What happens to my Belkin product if my Connected Equipment Warranty (CEW) claim is approved?Once the claim is approved and honored, the returned Belkin product is retained in Belkin’s possession for claims record purposes.
19. If Belkin honors my Connected Equipment Warranty (CEW) claim, when can I expect payment for my damaged equipment? 

For honored claims in the United States, Belkin will issue payment via a check made out to the customer's name.
For honored claims in Australia and New Zealand, Belkin will issue payment via direct deposit to the customer's nominated account.

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