Setting up MAC address filtering


Wireless access can be filtered by using the Media Access Control (MAC) addresses of wireless devices transmitting within your wireless network.  You can either permit or prevent specific wireless computers and devices to access your Wi-Fi.  This article will guide you on how to set up a Wireless MAC Filter, permitting or preventing access to your wireless network.

IMPORTANT:  When you enable this feature, you must enter the MAC address of each client device on your network to allow network access to each.  Ensure the following before you set up the MAC address filter feature:
  • Make sure you've identified all MAC addresses you want to filter.
  • Make sure the wireless devices you want to permit or block access are currently connected to the access point and are able to access the network.

To set up MAC filtering, follow the steps below:

Step 1:
Open a web browser such as Google Chrome™, Mozilla Firefox®, Internet Explorer® or Safari®.

Step 2:
Type http://router in the web browser's address bar and press [Enter].

NOTE:  If the page does not load, try visiting to see the router homepage.  If you have changed the IP address of your router, click here to check.


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Step 3:
Under the Firewall section, click MAC Address Filtering.


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Step 4:
Tick the box next to Enable MAC Address Filtering and enter the MAC address of each device that you want to allow or prevent access to your network.


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Allow Access

In the field provided, enter the MAC address of the wireless device you want to allow and click << Add.


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Prevent Access

In the field provided, enter the MAC address of the wireless device you want to prevent and tick the box under the Block portion before clicking << Add.


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Step 5:

Click User-added image.


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