Changing the Wi-Fi password of your Belkin router

A Wi-Fi password is necessary if you want to connect your devices wirelessly to the Wi-Fi and limit the number of users that can connect to your Wi-Fi.  This article will help you in changing your Belkin router's Wi-Fi password.  It is recommended that your computer is hardwired to your router when doing these steps.

To learn how to view the Wi-Fi settings of your Belkin router, click here.

NOTE:  You have to reconnect them using the new password.  To learn how to connect a Windows® computer to your Wi-Fi, click here.  For Mac® users, click here.  
Step 1:
Launch a web browser.

Step 2:
Enter "http://router" or "" in the Address bar and press [Enter].  If it doesn't work, check your router's IP address.  For instructions, click here.

QUICK TIP:  If you have a Belkin Router Manager installed, right-click on it and select Router Settings.
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Step 3:
You will be asked to log in using the router's admin password.  If you have not set a customized password, just leave the Password field blank then click Submit.

NOTE:  The router's administrator password can be updated on the web-based setup page.  For instructions, click here.

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Step 4:
In the left navigation panel, click Security.

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Step 5:
To change the
Wi-Fi password, follow the instructions below:
  • WPA/WPA2-Personal(PSK) - Your current Pre-shared Key (PSK) will be displayed.  This is your Wi-Fi security key or password.  To change, enter your preferred password in the Pre-shared Key (PSK) > field.
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NOTE:  The PSK must be 8 to 63 characters in length and is case sensitive.  Unchecking the Obscure PSK box will display the security key that has been typed.
  • WEP - Select 64bit WEP from the drop-down menu.  Select Key 1 and enter any 10 hexadecimal digits.  You can use a combination of 0-9, A-F.  If you select 128bit, you need to enter 26 hexadecimal characters.
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Alternatively, you can enter your preferred password in the PassPhrase field and click generate.  The router will generate a WEP key for you.
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IMPORTANT:  Take note of the code shown in the Key 1 field.  This will serve as your Wi-Fi's security key.

Step 6:
Click Apply Changes.

You should now have successfully changed your Wi-Fi password.

IMPORTANT:  While Belkin's newer router models support WPA™ / WPA2™ security, some of the older models do not.  To know more about the different types of Wi-Fi security and how to set them up, click here.

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