Cloning the Computer's MAC Address to the Belkin Router

The Media Access Control (MAC) Address is a unique identifier that each network device has.  If your main computer's MAC Address has been registered to your Internet Service Provider (ISP) for Internet connection and you have a Belkin router that you want to use for establishing wireless connections, you need to perform a process called MAC Address Cloning.  In this process, you will need to clone or copy the MAC address that your computer is using, resulting to the router having the same MAC address as well.


Follow the steps below to know how to perform MAC Address Cloning on a Belkin router.

Step 1:
Connect an Ethernet cable from your computer to one (1) of the four (4) LAN ports on your router.



Step 2:
On your computer, open any web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari®).

Step 3:
In the address bar, enter "" and press [Enter] on your keyboard.  You will then be directed to the router's web-based setup page.



Step 4:
Click Login on the upper right corner of the page.



Step 5:
Once prompted to log in, leave the Password field blank and click the Submit button.



Step 6:
Under Internet WAN section, click MAC Address Cloning.



Step 7:
Click the Clone button then select Apply Changes to save the settings.  The router will then take a few minutes to reboot.



Step 8:
Log out from router's web-based setup page .

Step 9:
Perform a powercycle on the router.  To do this, unplug both router and modem, wait for 20 seconds then plug them back in.

Step 10:
Restart your computer.


Once done, your Belkin router will now be able to connect network devices to the wireless network.

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