Restoring the Belkin router to factory defaults through the dashboard

There are certain situations when you need to restore your router to its default settings.  Common reasons for resetting your router include:
  • Reinstalling the router after an unsuccessful attempt of using the Setup Key/CD.
  • Unable to access the web-based setup page due to a forgotten or lost password.
  • After performing firmware upgrade and still unable to access the Internet.
  • Re-configuring the router's Internet connection after experiencing a power outage.
  • If the computer cannot obtain a valid IP address from the router.
  • If the Power LED is blinking.
This article will teach you how to restore your router's factory settings using the Belkin Dashboard.  If you want to know how to do this process using the web-based setup page, click here.

NOTE:  Make sure that your Belkin router is already connected to your computer before performing the steps below.

Step 1:
Open a web browser then type “http://router” or you can also enter the default IP address, “” in the Address bar then press [Enter].

Step 2:
On your router's dashboard, click Advanced Settings.

Step 3:
Under the Utilities section, click Restore Factory Defaults.


Step 4:
Click Image.

Step 5:
A warning prompt will appear.  Click OK.

Step 6:
Once the next prompt appears, click OK.

IMPORTANT:  The process of restoring the router to factory defaults may take up to 60 seconds.  Do not unplug the router during this process.

If you want to know how to manually restore your router's factory settings using the Reset button, click here.

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