Fixing ADSL Not Connected Error for Belkin Modem-Router

Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line or ADSL refers to a type of internet service which runs through telephone lines.  It is provided by a phone company or an Internet Service Provider (ISP).  In this article, you will learn how to troubleshoot possible errors that you may encounter while setting up a Belkin router with an ADSL service.

While installing your Belkin modem-router, you encounter any of the error messages stated below:

  • Your modem-router isn't connected to the internet.
  • There's a problem with the connection at your phone jack.


To resolve the aforementioned issues, you may try the following:
  • Check if the phone cable from your modem-router is attached to a phone jack that has internet.

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  • If your modem-router shares its phone jack with a land line phone (through a splitter), replace the splitter with a filter-splitter.

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  • If the issues persist, an ADSL filter may be required.  If your Internet Service Provider (ISP) provided you some, connect them between all your land line phones and their phone jacks.


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If the ADSL connection still doesn't work after trying the recommendations above, contact your ISP for further assistance.  Explain the issue you're having so they can provide appropriate solutions to help you synchronize your modem-router with the ISP's configuration.  Check out the Web-based Router Setup User Guide for more troubleshooting tips.

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