Updating your Belkin router's administrator password

What is an administrator password?

Before you can access your router’s web-based setup page, you will be asked for a password.  This is called the administrator password.  If you have this password activated, not all users can immediately change the settings of your router since they will be asked to enter the password.

If you forgot the administrator password, you need to reset your router.  Take note that doing so will result to losing your previously saved settings.  This means that you need to set up the router again after resetting.  For detailed instructions on resetting your router, click here.  For additional information about your router's administrator password, click here.

NOTE:  The administrator password is different from the wireless network password/SSID password.  The SSID password is used for connecting to wireless networks.  For instructions on configuring your wireless network password, click on the following links:

Changing the Wi-Fi password of your Belkin router
Changing my wireless settings using the router's Dashboard

Follow the instructions below to know how to update your administrator password:
Step 1:
Connect the computer to the router’s LAN User-added image port using an Ethernet cable.  Refer to the image below for an example:

User-added image

Step 2:
Access the web-based setup page of your router.  To do this, open a web browser like Internet Explorer® or Mozilla Firefox®.  Enter "" in the Address bar and then press [Enter] on your keyboard.
User-added image

IMPORTANT:  If you cannot open the web-based setup page using the instructions above, try entering “router” on the Address bar instead.
User-added image

If you are still having problems in accessing, click here for more troubleshooting tips.      

Step 3:
You will be redirected to the web-based setup page of your router.  Click the Login link located at the top of the page.


 User-added image
Under the Login section, you will be asked for your administrator password.  If this is your first time opening the web-based setup page, do not enter anything in the Password field.  If you have previously set a password, enter it in the given field then click Submit.
User-added image

Step 4:
Click System Settings under Utilities.
User-added image

If you're using the Belkin Dashboard, look for the Advanced Settings drop-down button then select System Settings (under Utilities).
User-added image

Step 5:
If you currently have an administrator password, enter the password in the Type in current Password > field.  After that, enter your preferred password in the Type in new Password > and Confirm new Password > fields. 
User-added image
NOTE:  The Login Timeout > option allows you to set how long you can stay idle when logged in to the router's web-based setup page.  The timer starts when there has been no activity.  If you have exceeded the configured time, the page will expire and you will have to log in again to change any setting on the router's web-based setup page.  The Login Timeout option's default setting is 10 minutes.
User-added image
Step 6:
Once done, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click User-added image.  If you're using the Belkin Dashboard, click User-added image.
NOTE:  If your preferred changes are not applied, you may need to upgrade your router's firmware.  This helps improve the performance of your Belkin router and could also resolve issues that the previous firmware version may have.  For instructions on upgrading your router's firmware, click here.  If you're using the Belkin Dashboard, click here.


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