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F5C400sa200W / {{blVariant}}
You know the ritual. You're in the middle of a long road trip with the family, the children are restless, and a fight ensues. If there were only some way to power a TV to break up the monotony … well now there is, with AC Anywhere™.
Perfect for charging batteries for your cellular phone, portable computer, electric shaver, TV, or virtually any device while traveling. The inverter features fuse protection along with an audible alarm that sounds if the vehicle battery becomes too low.
  • Converts DC power to AC power from a cigarette lighter socket.
  • Fits all standard car cigarette lighter jacks.
  • Recharges portable devices.
  • Ideal for laptops, TVs and cellular phones.
  • 50 MA no-load draw.
  • Low battery alarm at 10.6VDC.
  • Low battery shut off at 10.4VDC.
  • Automatic overheat shut-off at 150F.
  • 1 year limited warranty.
  • DC current consumption: 11 amps.
  • AC current output: 140 watts (1.2 amps)
  • AC output waveform: modified sinewave.
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