4.8 out of 5 Customer Rating

Mixit DuraTek MIXIT↑™ DuraTek™ USB-C™ Cable Built with DuPont™ Kevlar® (USB Type-C™)

SKU: F2CU050bt04-BLK
Mixit DuraTek MIXIT↑™ DuraTek™ USB-C™ Cable Built with DuPont™ Kevlar® (USB Type-C™)

Mixit DuraTek MIXIT↑™ DuraTek™ USB-C™ Cable Built with DuPont™ Kevlar® (USB Type-C™)

SKU: F2CU050bt04-BLK
4.8 out of 5 Customer Rating
CES Innovation of the Year


MIXIT↑™ DuraTek™ USB-C™ Cable Built with DuPont™ Kevlar® named a CES 2018 Best of Innovation Awards Honoree.

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DuraTek was forged from superior quality materials


Not just any charge cable, DuraTek was forged from superior quality materials for ultimate durability. Kevlar® fibers reinforce the inner wiring for added strength, abrasion-resistant nylon forms a tough outer jacket, and highly flexible insulation minimizes damage from friction. The strength created by these resilient ingredients is further enhanced by smart design details to reinforce the cable at its stress points. This ensures the finished product can withstand even the most demanding routines, and perform above and beyond expectation to deliver a cable that borders on indestructible.


  • USB-C™ enabled laptops, smartphones and tablets
Kevlar strengthens conductors and enhances protection

Key Features:

1. Kevlar® a high strength synthetic fiber used as a reinforcing agent to strengthen the conductors and enhance protection

2. Drain wiring helps with added protection

3. Insulated conductors reduce friction while creating added flexibility and protection

4. Shield-braid and metalized Mylar shielding help to protect the cable from external electro magnetic interference

5. Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) cable jacket is soft, pliable, and environmentally friendly

6. Double-braided nylon exterior is abrasion resistant, reducing fraying and lasting longer

This super-strong fiber is used the world over

Built with DuPont™ Kevlar®

One of the key ingredients of DuraTek’s secret strength is Kevlar. This super-strong fiber is used the world over for everything from bulletproof vests and crash helmets to surfboards and extreme sports gear. Strong Kevlar strands are built into the cable adding ultimate strength. Able to flex without stretching, these fibers provide structure to keep the wires inside from damage.

Double braiding callout


The external cable jacket is made from a premium and hard-wearing nylon. Double braiding is a technique used in rope making and gives maximum strength and added resilience.


Inside the cable, many wires co-exist to provide better functionality and connectivity. Insulation protects the wires from damage as the cable bends and flexes, but some can cause stiffness, affecting the overall suppleness of the cable. The highly flexible insulation within DuraTek minimizes friction, allowing the cable to bend easily and the wires within to move without damage.

180 degrees bent icon


The strain relief--where the cable joins the connector head--is longer than that found on other cables. Made from flexible TPE, this added length and flexibility helps to absorb stress and reinforce the juncture between the cable and the connector head to prevent separation. Proven in testing to withstand 5000+ cycles where the cable is bent to 180-degrees, this cable is highly resistant to splitting and breakage. Not just flexible, TPE is also smooth, tactile and more environmentally-friendly than the standard PVC.

USB-IF Certification

USB-IF Certification

Hi-Speed USB Compliance means that this cable has been certified by USB-IF to meet all electrical, mechanical, and environmental standards, ensuring a superior user experience. USB-IF is a non-profit organization made up of companies that facilitate the development of high quality USB products and compliance testing.

Aluminum casing and robust laser-welded connectors

Connector Key Features:

1. Superior quality USB-IF certified connector

2. Intelligent chip supports up to 60W optimal charging

3. Robust metal can protects circuit board.

4. High polished extruded aluminum casing pairs perfectly with your device.

5. 18mm TPE strain relief is built to withstand over 5000+ cycles during 180-degree cable bend test.

At a Glance:

  • Kevlar®-reinforced conductors provide added durability
  • Longer, flexible strain relief absorbs stress from bending to prevent breakage
  • Double-braided nylon forms flexible, durable cable jacket
  • Aluminum casing protects circuit board inside connector
  • Flexible insulation reduces friction
  • 4-foot length
  • Supports 3A charging and up to 480Mbps data transfer
  • 5-YEAR warranty

Package Includes:

  • USB-C™ to USB-C™ Cable