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Belkin Wemo NetCam EOL Program Request Form

Thank you for your interest in the Belkin Wemo NetCam EOL Program. Please fill out this form with all of your information and the information for your NetCam cameras to see if you are eligible for a refund or one of our other available options. If you have any questions about the Program please visit our website at www.belkin.com/netcameol.

Customer Information

Please enter your name and contact information. All fields are required. Please ensure that the information is accurate as we will be using it to contact you regarding your submission.

Hardware and Service Information

Using the dropdowns, please select the model of your Belkin Wemo NetCam and then enter the serial number and the date of purchase. Both the model number and serial number can be located on the rear of the camera.

If you have multiple Belkin Wemo NetCam’s you can click on Add More Products to add additional entry fields. If you need to remove an entry click on the red minus sign next to the entry you wish to remove.

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Add More Products

If you have an active, yearly iSecurty+ Premium Service Subscription and would like a refund for the remaining duration please choose YES below. A valid receipt showing your active subscription service dates is required. Please see www.belkin.com/netcameol for more information.

Attach and Upload Your Receipts and Product Photos

As part of the program you will need to submit photos of the back of your NetCams showing the model number and serial number. This is required for all submissions. If you are requesting a refund for an in-warranty NetCam or a iSecurity+ Premium Service Subscription, you will also need to attach copies of your dated purchase receipts. All attachments should be in a JPEG or PDF format and should be 5 MB or smaller in size. Failure to attach photos of the NetCams you are submitting as part of this program will result in your request being declined.

Important: All receipts and product photos will need to be uploaded at the same time. Each time you press the upload button will remove any files you selected before.

To select multiple files for upload:

  • On Windows, hold the Control (CTRL) key and click on each file you want to select.
  • On MacOS, hold the Command (⌘) key and click on each file you want to select.
  • On iOS tap on each file you want to select.
  • On Android tap and hold on each file you want to select.

Submit Your Request

Before you submit your request, please look over your form and ensure that:

  1. You have filled out all of your information correctly
  2. You have requested refunds for all in-warranty hardware you wish to claim
  3. You have requested refunds for any active NetCam Premium Service subscriptions you have
  4. You have uploaded all applicable receipts for your NetCams and or Premium Service Subscriptions
  5. You have uploaded photos showing the model number and serial numbers of all applicable NetCams you are submitting as part of this program.

Once you have verified everything, click the Submit button below.

Processing Request. Please Wait...

Belkin Wemo NetCam EOL Program Request Form

Your request form was successfully submitted. Please keep a copy of this confirmation for your records.

A Belkin agent will be reviewing your request to validate the submitted information. Once validated, you will receive an email with further information on what you are eligible for as part of the program. We will be contacting you at the email address you provided on your submission form. Please add belkin.com to your safe sender list in your email application or service to ensure receipt of any email communication from us.

If you have any further questions around the program please visit www.belkin.com/netcameol for all program details.