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F9K1109 High Performance Wireless Dual-band Router

Firmware Version Information:
 Belkin Wireless Router Version : 1.10.16
 Release Date : 07/26/2012;
Image location : http://nextnet.belkin.com/update/files/F9K1109/v1/WW/F9K1109_WW_1.10.16.bin

Changes since version 1.00.48:
1. Added IntelliStream QoS feature Advanced automatic Quality of Service function to help prioritize web traffic for better video, VOIP, gaming and audio .
How to enable IntelliStream
2. Added Parental Control Website Filters feature to the router
How to enable Website Filters
3. Added Media Server Powered by Twonky feature DLNA media server for sharing videos, music and pictures from the attached USB storage device to DLNA/UPNP devices on the network.
How to enable Media Server
4. Added IPv6 Support Added IPv6 Pass-through support.
How to enable IPv6 Pass-through.
5. Fixed minor security issue on the firewall
6. Fixed Internet connection issue from 1.10.14 that affected a very small % of customers

 If you wish to update the firmware in your Belkin Router, click 'Download NOW' below to get the file. Save the file to a folder on your computer where you can find it later. Browse to the file from the 'Firmware Update' page. Select the file, then click 'Update'.

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