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F9K1102 N600DB Wireless Router

Firmware Version Information:
 Belkin Wireless Router Version : 2.10.17
 Release Date : 09/16/2013;

This update (version 2.10.17) includes:
  • " Fixed an issue with slow internet connections on a small percentage of modems.
Version 2.10.16 includes:
  • Added Print Network Information feature allowing you to print your network's security information onto a card that is the same size as the one that came with your router.
  • Added Parental Internet Controls which allows you to enable/disable internet access for a certain device or schedule times/days that the device can access the internet.
  • The Mobile User Interface has improved. The display of Router Options has been enhanced visually. Menu items can be collapsed and expanded.
  • L2TP and PPTP support has been added to the types of network connections in the setup process.
  • The Firmware Update Page now will automatically check for a firmware update once accessed from the router's Dashboard. If an update is found, you can apply the update to your router with a single click.
Version 2.10.11 includes:
  • Added Win 8 Support
Image location : http://nextnet.belkin.com/update/files/F9K1102/v2/WW/F9K1102_WW_2.10.17.bin

 If you wish to update the firmware in your Belkin Router, click 'Download NOW' below to get the file. Save the file to a folder on your computer where you can find it later. Browse to the file from the 'Firmware Update' page. Select the file, then click 'Update'.

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