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F9K1002 N300 Wireless Router

Firmware Version Information:
 Belkin Wireless Router Version : 5.00.15
 Release Date : 2013.12.05
Image location :http://nextnet.belkin.com/update/files/F9K1002/v5/WW/F9K1002_WW_5.00.15.bin

This update (version 5.00.15) includes:

  • Firmware UI improvements for mobile browsers, new collapsible menu system for advanced sections.
  • Added support for PPTP connection types (In regions that support them)
  • Added Dashboard FW update notifications and setup style automatic firmware update process in the GUI.
  • Various stability and endurance improvements, various other smaller firmware fixes.
Version 5.00.08 includes:
  • Browser does not default to the correct default language automatically
  • Unable to unlock the Firmware GUI Dashboard by clicking the "Advanced Settings" link in the Dashboard page when the Dashboard is Locked
  • Browser displays ISP configuration page instead of firmware "Checking for Updates" page immediately after "Establishing Dynamic Connection"
  • Router's WPA security Key can be seen in clear text on chrome's "view page source" when the dashboard is locked
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 If you wish to update the firmware in your Belkin Router, click 'Download NOW' below to get the file. Save the file to a folder on your computer where you can find it later. Browse to the file from the 'Firmware Update' page. Select the file, then click 'Update'.

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