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DVI-D + USB B to VGA + USB A Smart Combo Cable

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Belkin Smart Cables connect between the Desktop Computer and the KVM switch. Once connected, the cable converts the video signal (VGA or DVI) from the PC to a compatible signal for the KVM. The KVM is now able to support mix platform environments. Belkin smart cables are fully compatible with Belkin KVMs. The Belkin Smart DVI to VGA Cable converts analog (VGA) signals to digital in order to support DVI secure KVMs in conjunction with a digital (DVI-D) monitor.



Type: Video / USB cable


Connector(s): 1 x 15 pin HD D-Sub (HD-15) - female, 1 x 4 pin USB Type B - male
Connector(s) (Other Side): 1 x 24 pin digital DVI - male, 1 x 4 pin USB Type A - male


Manufacturer Selling Program: Belkin B2B


  • Reliable support for multi-platform workstations
  • Removes application barriers caused by using legacy computers
  • Future-proof
  • Enables workstations to use digital monitors
  • Converts analog (VGA) signals to digital in order to support DVI secure KVMs
  • TAA-compliant
  • Easy to install - does not require any software or power supply
  • Small form factor, which eliminates cable clutter
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Combo Cable

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