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Lightweight and comfortable on your arm


The revolutionary iPhone X deserves a high-performing armband. The Fitness Armband for iPhone X has been carefully engineered to provide comfort and style. It preserves access to all the iPhone X features, is lightweight and comfortable on your arm, and protects the iPhone X during even the most active workouts. The Fitness Armband for iPhone X means you can focus 100% on your performance with no distraction.

Made for: iPhone X

Fitness Armband for iPhone X


  • Pioneer in technology and innovation for over 30 years
  • Work out in style with an ultra-minimal and lightweight design that complements the iPhone X
  • Never miss a shot with easy access to the camera
  • Select playlist and track your progress with full access to your screen
  • Breathable, stretch material ensures the armband stays comfortable on your arm
  • Work out in the rain or lock sweat away from your iPhone with water-resistant fabric
Ultra-thin fabric strap


The ultra-thin fabric strap threads through a durable metal loop, securing at the perfect length to hug your arm closely. The perforated material allows air ventilation to stay breathable, and stretches to move with your arm for added comfort. The protective, form-fitted case for your iPhone X provides impact-resistance and protection from scratches. The back panel delivers sweat-resistant, soft cushioning to protect your iPhone X from moisture and for comfort against your skin.

Ultra-minimal and lightweight design


Ultra-minimal design coupled with advanced engineering eliminate the bulkiness found in many armbands, without compromising protection. Further design details ensure full access to the Lightning connector and screen to preserve functionality when in use, including access to the camera so you never miss a photo opportunity. The result is slim, lightweight, minimal and barely bigger than the iPhone X itself, allowing you to work out while leaving your hands free.

Badge that acts as a grab point


The armband is easy to put on and take off, thanks to a badge on the strap. The badge acts as a grab point to prevent the strap slipping out of the metal loop when unsecured, ultimately providing even more security for your iPhone X.

Fitness Armband key features


1. Impact-resistant, form-fitted case protects iPhone X

2. Lightweight metal loop for a precise fit prevents movement during workout

3. Full access to Lightning connector and screen for maximum functionality during workout

4. Designed to work with camera so you never miss a photo opportunity

5. Sweat-resistant to protect iPhone X from moisture

6. Breathable, non-slip strap for added comfort

Breathable, non-slip strap

At a Glance:

  • Full access to Lightning connector and screen
  • Breathable, non-slip strap
  • Impact-resistant, form-fitted case
  • Lightweight metal loop for precise fit
  • Take pictures without removing from case
  • Sweat- and water-resistant to protect iPhone X from moisture

Package Includes:

  • Armband for iPhone X