Wireless MagSafe Charging for Apple iPhone

June 28, 2023

3-in-1 Wireless Charging Pad with Official MagSafe Charging 15W

The rapid development of mobile technology has caused a significant shift in how we interact with our devices. In a world that increasingly thrives on seamless communication and connectivity, working professionals must rely on accessible and convenient technology to make life easier.

Once limited to cables and adapters, charging methods have expanded to include innovative technology and charging solutions, such as wireless and MagSafe charging. Understanding how current charging solutions work is crucial as more smartphone manufacturers embrace these new options.

This article will help you by breaking down wireless and MagSafe charging to explore both options’ advantages, limitations, and applications. Let’s get started!

Wireless charging vs. MagSafe charging: which one to choose?

Wireless charging and MagSafe are both viable options for anyone looking for a more convenient way to charge their devices. But what does each option entail, and how do they work? While you might be used to plugging a cable into a charging brick to charge your phone, innovative solutions like wireless charging can be far more effective and accessible when you learn more about them.

Wireless charging is using electromagnetic coils to create magnetic waves and a magnetic field to transfer the electricity from the wireless charger to your mobile device. These solutions work when the receiving device receives and captures electromagnetic energy and requires a transmitter and receiver to operate. Phones have small electromagnetic coils that receive the charge wirelessly, eliminating the need to carry around a bulky charger and a cable all day.

MagSafe is a specific type of wireless charging available on newer Apple iPhone models. It is a magnetic technology built into an iPhone’s internal engineering. MagSafe operates on the iPhone 12/13/14 and provides seamless and fast wireless charging.

MagSafe is unique compared to other wireless charging solutions, as the technology can charge iPhones 12/13/14 at a higher wattage than traditional wireless chargers and aligns internal coils with magnets to ensure a perfect match.

What charger is better for iPhone: wireless or MagSafe?

While learning all about wireless and MagSafe charging you might question whether one option is better suited to iPhones than the other. While wireless chargers are undoubtedly innovative, many smartphone manufacturers and consumers prefer MagSafe because it is a technology implemented by Apple, making it ideal for your iPhone, depending on your current model.

One reason you might consider MagSafe charging over traditional wireless chargers is the capabilities of both options. Let’s take a closer look.

1. Charging speed.

MagSafe charges your iPhone 12/13/14 faster than other wireless chargers, making it the best choice if you’re looking for a faster charging experience. While a wireless Qi charger takes an average of two hours and forty minutes to fully charge, Apple MagSafe, on average, charges in two hours and ten minutes.

2. Power and ease of use.

Using MagSafe iPhone can receive up to 15 watts of power and only 7.5 watts when using traditional wireless charging. Many consumers also find it challenging to hold their phones in the proper position for wireless charging to be effective. Because MagSafe relies on magnetic technology to perfectly align internal coils, the charging process is much more straightforward for the user.

MagSafe charging includes several accessories to simplify your smartphone experience and ensure accessible, practical solutions. For instance, the MagSafe charger station pad and MagSafe iPhone mounts are perfect for making your digital experience easier and taking full advantage of the benefits of MagSafe technology.

Accessories also include products like a car charger, dock nightstand, car mount, and products that allow you to charge several devices simultaneously. Ultimately, the versatility of MagSafe charging makes it a preferred choice for many Apple iPhone owners.

Will any wireless charger work with my iPhone?

So, will any wireless charger be compatible with your iPhone? The answer depends on a couple of factors, including the model of your iPhone and whether a wireless charger is Qi-certified. Unlike MagSafe technology, which is included in recent Apple smartphone models, these chargers are sold separately from your Apple device.

Qi-certified wireless chargers also work on Apple devices like airpods. While several of these charging models exist, identifying whether something is Qi-certified and choosing the wrong charging solution for your phone is a problem many consumers encounter. With traditional wireless charging, you might find it challenging to keep your iPhone charging consistently, as you need to align your phone manually with the charging device to ensure that the transmitter and receiver can communicate. If it vibrates, your phone might change positions, breaking the alignment necessary to charge your device.

Will any MagSafe charger work with my iPhone?

If your iPhone uses MagSafe technology, any MagSafe charger will operate seamlessly with your iPhone. The MagSafe charger is compatible with Qi charging solutions, allowing you to quickly and wirelessly charge your devices. MagSafe chargers can charge any iPhone 8 or later model and AirPods with wireless charging cases.

However, the magnet alignment capabilities of MagSafe charging are not available on all iPhone devices. If you want perfectly aligned magnets to make wireless charging seamless, you will need one of the following phone models:

• IPhone 14

• IPhone 14 Pro

• IPhone 14 Plus

• IPhone 14 Pro Max

• IPhone 13

• IPhone 13 Pro

• IPhone 13 mini

• IPhone 13 Pro Max

• IPhone 12

• IPhone 12 Pro

• IPhone 12 mini

• IPhone 12 Pro Max

What to pay attention to when shopping for a wireless charger for iPhone.

Looking for the best features is crucial to choosing your iPhone's wireless charger. Though MagSafe can provide some of the fastest charging solutions, many Qi-certified chargers appeal to consumers.

But what factors should you consider when shopping for a wireless charger for your iPhone? Below are a few of the critical elements to consider before you buy.


You don’t want your wireless charger to break after a few uses. Ensuring that your Qi-compatible charger can withstand regular use, consider the charger’s overall build quality and the materials used to create the device–chargers made with high-quality, resilient materials like durable plastics, metal casings, and some leather casings.

If you’re confused about whether a charger is durable and long-lasting enough to meet your needs and standards, always read customer reviews to gather general insights into the charger’s performance. Look for details about the long-term durability and reliability of the charger before you decide whether to purchase the device.

Brand credibility.

Choosing a suitable wireless charger for your iPhone model requires consideration of the brand you’re purchasing from. Purchasing a charger from a reputable brand increases the likelihood of receiving a reliable product that works like it’s meant to. Check for positive customer reviews and see if the brand has a track record of delivering high-quality charging solutions.

Additionally, a credible brand should provide accessible and helpful customer service and have a history of producing reliable electronic accessories. Given the blooming market for wireless charging solutions, checking a brand’s credibility and trustworthiness is crucial to avoid unreliable products in the vast sea of wireless charging devices.

Partnerships with manufacturers.

Chargers developed alongside device manufacturers typically provide better quality and compatibility with your smartphone, ensuring a smoother overall charging experience than other options. For example, if you have an iPhone, seek brands with official partnerships, endorsements, or relations with Apple, as these devices are likely tailored to work seamlessly with iPhone models.


Always evaluate a product for whether it provides a warranty from the manufacturer. A solid, effective warranty shows a manufacturer’s confidence in their product and dedication to customer satisfaction. Seek warranties that cover a reasonable duration after your initial purchase to guarantee that you’re protected beyond the first few weeks of owning your charger.

Also, consider the terms of a warranty before purchasing a product–not all warranties will meet your desires. Favorable warranty terms should cover issues like manufacturing defects, device malfunctions, and other potential issues. Warranties should be backed by helpful customer support for a hassle-free process.


While price is always an important consideration before purchasing a product, it shouldn’t be the sole determining factor of whether you buy a specific wireless charger. While a charging plate price might be higher from one brand than another, some cheaper chargers compromise on build quality and lack the advanced features necessary for a smooth charging experience.

In contrast, some overly expensive wireless chargers won’t provide enough advantages or options to justify the cost. Always assess the overall value proposition of a product before making your final purchase decision, and consider factors such as build quality, features, warranty, and brand reputation.


Another factor to consider before purchasing is whether your device is supporting MagSafe charging or only traditional Qi wireless charging. Though most wireless chargers are compatible with iPhone, confirming this detail is essential because some chargers might have limitations or be optimized for specific iPhone series. E.g., only iPhone 12/13/14 supports MagSafe charging.

Charging speed capabilities.

Look for a device’s charging speed indicators before purchasing a wireless charger. Some chargers, such as those offered by Belkin, support fast-charging solutions and protocols that reach wattages of 15W in some cases. Though some chargers only support 7.5W, several options are available if you’re looking for a powerful, robust option that charges your phone efficiently and optimally.

7 Reasons to choose Belkin for Your iPhone MagSafe charger.

Finding a high-quality wireless MagSafe charging solution is difficult for any individual or working professional looking to optimize the charging experience. While there are various options for wireless charging devices available, not all devices are built the same, and many providers offer unreliable, short-term solutions that don’t pay off in the long run. However, brands like Belkin can transform your charging experience and provide a fast, MagSafe, compatible alternative to traditional charging methods.

Traditional wireless chargers don’t have the capabilities of MagSafe charging, making MagSafe solutions like the products offered by Belkin ideal for most consumers. No matter which iPhone model you want to charge, you can find a suitable charging option from Belkin and feel confident in our collaborations with Apple and other authorities in the smartphone and wireless charging market.

Why should you choose Belkin for a faster charging experience to charge iPhone 12/13/14 devices? Here are seven reasons why Belkin is the perfect option for your iPhone.

1. High-quality design standards.

Belkin’s wireless charging products are created adhering to the highest-quality design standards to ensure optimal performance and efficient charging times. Products like Belkin’s duo options, aka 2-in-1 MagSafe Wireless Charger, are designed to charge two devices simultaneously to eliminate the need for several charger station magnetic pad products.

Belkin holds high-quality standards during the engineering process to ensure that your device is long-lasting and effective throughout its duration. The innovative solutions we offer go down to the minor details of your charger, guaranteeing that the product provides the lifestyle-enhancing solution you’re looking for in your wireless charger.

Belkin products are created with sustainable and durable materials, such as stainless steel, silicone, and polycarbonate. These materials and the careful craftsmanship of all Belkin chargers mean that you’re less likely to encounter issues with your Belkin product than many other wireless charger providers.

2. Authentic products and partnerships.

Belkin’s products are always authentic, providing you with a trustworthy and reliable wireless charging solution. The brand partners with industry leaders and experts to maintain strict quality control measures and provide consumers with the best, most effective product possible for every purchase. Belkin is the number one selling third-party brand for wireless charging products†, so its commitment to consumers is found in every authentic device.

Additionally, Belkin maintains 100 percent control over the product manufacturing process for advanced quality control and thorough compliance testing to meet the expectations of its partners and consumers.

3. Broad MagSafe accessories portfolio.

Belkin’s Apple charging accessories include a range of products to suit your charging needs no matter where you are. For instance, our Wireless Car Charger offers official MagSafe capabilities for an efficient in-car charging experience.

Another product to mention is our bestseller, a 3-in-1 wireless charger with MagSafe to provide ample space to charge your AirPods (with wireless charging case) and Apple Watch simultaneously.

These are only a few of the numerous MagSafe-compatible accessories you can select from.

4. 24/7 customer support.

We offer around-the-clock customer support to provide you with any help you need with your Belkin wireless charging products. Belkin customer support is available through the brand’s website, chat, and phone. This accessibility is unmatched compared to many other wireless charging providers.

5. MFi certification.

Make sure to look for an MFi-certification badge when shopping for the optimal wireless MagSafe charger for your Apple iPhone. This certification ensures that your wireless charging product adheres to Apple's stringent performance standards. Belkin, renowned for its strategic design, offers chargers that are backed by extensive certification. Belkin works alongside Apple and other manufacturers to guarantee that its chargers meet all Apple-required and preferred standards, providing you with the best charging experience possible.

6. Robust warranty options.

We ensure that your devices are protected and offer extended warranty coverage and options in case of device malfunction or other issues you encounter with your wireless charging device. For extra piece of mind, we provide a Connected Equipment Warranty for ultimate protection.

This warranty guarantees that Belkin can repair or replace the device if you are using your device correctly, but have it damaged by a power surge. Other providers often neglect this level of coverage.

7. Optimal charging conditions.

Belkin’s products include advanced features to shield against damage caused by power surges and other issues, precision resistors, and high-quality internal components to foster optimal charging conditions and guarantee a full charge.

†US only. Based on NPD data from October 2020 – September 2021 for number of units sold for charging pad, charging stand/station, portable power pack and car mount charger products with MagSafe magnet included.