Calling all content creators: discover two must-have products leveraging Continuity Camera and DockKit.

February 1, 2024

What is this article about?

Bad camera angles, poor video quality and moving out of frame are common problems that can now be a thing of the past. It’s time to level up the quality of your calls and content using Belkin products that leverage the latest macOS and iOS features. Turn your iPhone into a webcam with Belkin mounts for Continuity Camera; and seamlessly record or live stream a dynamic video with Belkin Stand Pro featuring DockKit. These easy-to-use products will enhance your content, so you can look and perform your best.

Auto-Tracking Stand Pro with DockKit, the latest innovation for Apple iPhone Content Creators

Auto Tracking Stand Pro

What is DockKit?

DockKit is an automated subject tracking technology developed by Apple. DockKit allows the Stand Pro to seamlessly track movements without the use of a third-party app. For more info on Apple DockKit technology, see here.

What is Auto Tracking Stand Pro?

The Belkin Auto Tracking Stand Pro is the first-ever accessory to work with DockKit. The all-new Stand Pro provides automatic, silent, motorized, seamless camerawork using iPhone’s built in camera and DockKit’s automated subject tracking technology to follow subjects on camera as they move around their space with 360 degrees of pan and 90 degrees of tilt. Check out Auto Tracking Stand Pro.

How do I use Apple DockKit?

Anyone with an iPhone 12 or later with iOS 17 and later, and a compatible, motorized stand can utilize this technology.

Designed for iOS for use with front and rear cameras, DockKit allows users to easily create, present, and record without having to download third party apps in just four easy steps:

  1. Snap iPhone 12 or later with Magsafe onto Stand Pro
  2. Pair via NFC
  3. Open camera on FaceTime, Instagram, TikTok, Canva, WhatsApp, Microsoft Teams or other social media apps or messaging platforms
  4. Start creating

Why do I want to use DockKit technology and the Auto Tracking Stand Pro?

The Stand Pro with DockKit is the perfect accessory for immersive video calls or recording interactive content that involves a high degree of movement. It’s the newest, easiest way to FaceTime, create action-packed videos, and go hands-free for livestreaming and video conferencing.

How does the Auto Tracking Stand Pro work?

With the Stand Pro, users can easily extend the field of view to 360 degrees of pan and 90 degrees of tilt by supporting a pitch and yaw motion model and an automatic system tracker. This lets creators focus on the content while DockKit automatically keeps the subject in frame at all angles while capturing natural movements without the need for manual adjustment.

Who can use DockKit technology?

Anyone with:

  • iPhone 15, iPhone 14, iPhone 13, and iPhone 12
  • iOS 17 or later

How can I use this technology to upgrade my calls and content?

  • Conference calls: Presenting oneself is an essential part of interviews, meetings or calls with the boss. Now, grainy video quality is eradicated and replaced with clear, bright imagery using the iPhone’s powerful camera system. With the Mount, use rear camera and .5 view, to capture everyone in the meeting room. Use the Stand Pro to move freely in a presentation without worrying you’ll fall out of shot. When the camera moves with you, the presenter has more freedom to both engage with their team in person and those who are tuning in via video conference call. Professional video is a modern essential, and now there’s nothing stopping you from putting your best foot forward - even if that foot is wearing a slipper.

  • Chatting with friends and family on FaceTime: The next best thing to seeing your friends and family in real life is seeing them clearly over a video call. Notice every laugh line as you catch up on the latest and watch as their smiles beam in high definition. Feel more connected and engaged as you maximize quality time cooking together, moving around the kitchen without ever falling out of frame. Being heard but not seen is no longer a concern when showing off a new skill (or little one) with a high degree of movement. Place it down and move naturally, as the Auto Tracking Stand Pro keeps everything in shot.

  • Online workouts: Online workouts are a popular way of accessing your favorite ways to stay fit at home or on the go - but keeping your phone steady can be a pain. Utilize the iPhone Mount’s built-in ring grip/kickstand to prop your device so you can follow along seamlessly. With the Stand Pro, stay in the shot with 360 degrees of pan and 90 degrees of tilt – the perfect tool to optimize your session, whether you're the instructor or the participant.

  • Content creation: The iPhone Mount with MagSafe and the Auto Tracking Stand Pro let you record professional quality content without a crew in tow. No matter the type of content you create, if you use your iPhone, MacBook, iPad or iMac, it can be made easier with these tools. Using the iPhone Mount for “Desk View” is a great way to seamlessly display products – it eliminates the need to remove the camera from the mount and rearrange once finished. The Stand Pro keeps you in shot and your phone charged as you seamlessly record the unique content that keeps your audience engaged and coming back for more.

  • Telehealth: According to a 2021 CDC survey, 37.0% of adults used telemedicine in the past 12 months. This number is only expected to grow -- along with the technology available to facilitate remote health services. Connect with your practitioner or show physical therapy exercises with greater ease using the Stand Pro, as the camera now seamlessly follows your movements.

  • Education: Virtual classrooms are commonplace in today’s education system. These tools allow you to see your teacher and classmates more clearly (and vice versa), and any subject matter that’s on the syllabus that day. The Auto Tracking Stand Pro follows the teacher as they present from the whiteboard.

The Apple Tracking Stand Pro will improve the way you interact and create.

Our Auto-Tracking Stand Pro follows your face and body movements with 360° rotation and 90° tilt with smooth, quiet motors. Grab and go — the internal battery offers 5 hours of operation on a full charge.

Other things to note about the Auto Tracking Stand Pro:

  • The product is compatible with a standard tripod, so it’s great for those who create content professionally.
  • The Stand Pro is compatible with Apple Watch. Using the Camera Remote app on the Watch while iPhone camera is paired to Stand Pro, users can control viewing/recording from a distance.
  • It has 15W of fast wireless charging for your iPhone, when plugged in, meaning users don’t have to worry about their phone going dead in the middle of a presentation or while creating content.
  • Its rechargeable battery allows for 5 hrs of battery life when it’s not connected to the power supply.

iPhone Mount with MagSafe, a must-have for Apple iPhone Content Creators

iPhone Mount with MagSafe

The Belkin iPhone Mounts allow you to magnetically attach your iPhone (iPhone 12 and later) to a Mac, and they work great with Continuity Camera — a new feature in the latest macOS that enables you to use your iPhone as a webcam. The iPhone mounts are perfect for hands-free streaming or chatting and capturing professional-looking content. Explore iPhone Mount with MagSafe for Apple TV 4K, iPhone Mount with MagSafe for Mac Desktops and Displays and iPhone Mount with MagSafe for Mac Notebooks, find one that works better for your setup.

What is Continuity Camera?

  • Continuity Camera lets you use your iPhone as a webcam, unlocking unique features for your next video call or livestream. It features new capabilities like Desk View, which allows you to share a top-down view of your workspace, and Studio Light, which artfully lights your face while dimming the background. And Centre Stage makes sure you stay in the picture if you move around during your call. For more on Continuity Camera, see here.