Belkin International, Inc. USB DUAL SERIAL ADAPTER F5U114-MAC

Compatibility List for Serial Devices

The Belkin Dual Serial Adapter is compatible with a great majority of serial printers, graphics tablets, PDA’s, modems and other serial devices. Our main compatibility testing was focused mostly on Apple, HP, and Epson printers, as well as Wacom Tablets, Palm Pilots, and numerous ISDN modems. As of now, we have not tested all the serial devices that are available. However, we are constantly testing and adding new devices to our compatibility list.

The Belkin Dual Serial Adapter does not support Goeport or AppleTalk (LocalTalk) networking.

Product List

The following is a list of products that have been tested for compatibility with our dual serial adapter. If you do not see your specific product it may mean that the device was not tested, or it has not been added to the list yet. Please remember that we are constantly adding support for more products than are already supported.

Devices that are marked with an ‘*’ must be attached to port 1 on the Belkin Dual Serial Adapter. These devices will only work on Macs that do not have built-in serial ports, such as iMacs, blue and white G3’s, G4’s, bronze keyboard, Powerbooks, and iBooks to name a few. These devices are not Comm Toolbox Savvy, which means they do not look for ports besides the Modem and Printer ports. They must use a port that is emulating the Printer port, which is what Port 1 on the Belkin adapter does.

Is It Compatible?
Apple ImageWriter I Yes
Apple ImageWriter II Yes
Apple Laser Writers No
(Local Talk) No
 Note: Includes LW 320, LW 360, LW 4/600, LW II, LW NT, LW NTX
Apple Personal LaserWriter 300 Yes
Apple Personal LaserWriter LS Yes
Note: Connect printer to Port one on adapter. Mac OS 8.6 and 9.0 users also need to install "Desktop Printing Software".
Apple Style Writer 1200 Yes
Apple Style Writer 1500 Yes
Apple Style Writer 2200 Yes
Apple Style Writer 2400 Yes
Apple Style Writer 2500 Yes
Apple Style Writer 4100 Yes
Apple Style Writer 4500 Yes
Apple Style Writer 6500 Yes
Apple Style Writer I Yes
Apple Style Writer II Yes
Apple Style Writer Pro Yes
Apple Style Writer Portable Yes
Note: All Apple Style Writer printers should be connected to Port one on the adapter. For Mac OS 8.6 and 9.0 users must also install "Desktop Printing" software.
Brother HL631 printer Not Tested
Brother P-Touch Label Printer Yes
Canon Bubble Jet (BJC-4550) No
CoStar Label Writers Yes
Epson 1520 No
Epson 300 Series Yes
Note: Not tested but should work when connected to Port one on adapter.
Epson 3000 series No
Epson 500 series Yes
Use Epson driver version v2.7, and connect to Port one on adapter.
Epson 600 series No
Epson 800 series No
Epson Stylus Color II Yes
Epson Stylus Color 700 No
Epson Stylus Photo EX No
GCC BLP Not Tested
HP DeskJet 850C Yes
HP DeskJet 855C/Cs/Cse Yes
HP DeskJet 870C/Cse/Cxi Yes
Use HP DeskJet v9.4.0 drivers. You can find information on configuring the drivers on HP’s website.
HP Desk Writer 310 Yes
HP Desk Writer 340 Not Tested
HP Desk Writer 510 Yes
HP Desk Writer 520 Yes
HP Desk Writer 540 Yes
HP Desk Writer 550C Yes
HP Desk Writer 560C Yes
For HP Desk Writer 500 series use HP Desk Writer drivers v6.0.4 and connect printer to Port one on adapter.
HP Desk Writer 600 Yes
HP Desk Writer 660C Yes
HP Desk Writer 680C Yes
HP Desk Writer 690 Yes
For HP Desk Writer 600 series use Hp Desk Writer v9.4.1 drivers
HP Desk Writer C Yes
 (made in 1991-1992)*
Hp Desk Writer Yes
(made 1991-1992)*
For Desk Writer and Desk Writer C use HP drivers v6.0.4 and connect to Port one on adapter.
HP Laser Jets No
Infowave PowerPrint (serial) Not Tested
LaserJet 2100M No
NEC Silentwriter 2 Model 90 No
NEC Silentwriter 640 No
OKI 4m Not Tested
Okidata 610e/ps Not Tested
Seiko Label Printer Yes
TI Microwriter Not Tested
Xante Accel-a-Writer 4000 No
Graphic Tablets
Is It Compatible?
Calcomp Ultraslate Not Tested
Wacom Artz II (serial) Yes
Note: Use Wacom v2.6.3 drivers
Wacom Intuos (serial) Yes
Digital Cameras
Is It Compatible?
Note: Use AGFA’s software or CameraAid
Apple Quicktake 100 Not Tested
Apple Quicktake 150 Not Tested
Apple Quicktake 200 Yes
 Note: Use CameraAid 1.1.2 or Apple’s Camera Access 1.0.1 program
Canon PowerShot 350 Yes
Canon PowerShot A Not Tested
Casio QV11 Not Tested
Epson Yes
Epson Photo PC Yes
Fujifilm Yes
Fujifilm MX-500 Yes
Fujifilm MX-700 Yes
Note: Use Fujifilm’s software or CameraAid
Kodak Yes
Kodak DC25 Yes
Leica Yes
Minolta Dimage V Not Tested
Nikon CoolPix Yes
Note: Use Nikon’s control panel and select the Printer port or use CameraAid. Connect to port 1 on adapter
Olympus Yes
QuickCam (serial) Not Tested
Ricoh RDC300Z Not Tested
Ricoh RDC4200 Not Tested
Sanyo Yes
Sony DSC-F1 Not Tested
Toshiba Yes
Is It Compatible?
Newton Yes
Palm III Yes
Palm Pilot Yes
Palm V Yes
Palm software version 1.0 does not work with Mac OS 8.5. If you are using a Palm Organizer and are running Mac OS 8.5.x, please use Palm’s Desktop Software version 2.0 (or MacPac v2.0).
Psion Yes
Sharp IQ8400 Not Tested
Modems and ISDN TA's
Is It Compatible?
Acer (model t-50) Yes
Note: connect modem to Port one to configure

your ISDN modem with Acer’s software

All Brands Yes
Apple Modem control panel Yes
Apple PPP control panel Yes
Apple Remote Access control panel Yes
FreePPP Yes
Ricochet Wireless Modem Yes
Other Devices
Is It Compatible?
ACCLE Scanner Yes
AppleTalk No
Barco Color Calibrators Yes
Birmy PowerRIP Not Tested
David Weather Station Yes
Note: Connect DWS to port 1 on adapter
Duxbury Systems braille software Yes
Elite Prop Yes
Note: Use v5.3 software
EnviroMac Yes
Graph Tec Cutter Pro FC2100-120 Not Tested
Graph Tec Cutter Pro FC2100-50 Not Tested
HP ScanJet 4s Not Tested
I.R.I.S. Data Pen Not Tested
Intelitool McADDAM II Yes
Note: Use Soft Windows/VPC
LaCie Color Calibrators Yes
Laser Writer 8 printer driver No
Lego Mindstorms (using Robolab) Not Tested
LocalTalk No
MacLunch by Companion Not Tested
Mimarki plotters and cutters Yes
Olympus P-150E dye Sublimation printer Not Tested
Olympus P-330E dye Sublimation printer Not Tested
OptiCal Yes
Pfaff 7570 embroidery/sewing Machine Yes
ProVTR Yes
Radius Press View Yes
Note: Use Pfaff Designer 2.2 MAC software
Roland PNC 900 vinal Cutter Not Tested
TI Graph Link (TI-86) Yes
TI Graph Link (TI-89) Yes
Vernier Software Serial Box Interface Yes
Vernier Software Universal Lab Interface Yes
Visioneer Paperport (serial) Yes
X-Rite Model DTP 32 Yes

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