Guest post:

Zoe Blaskey, UK’s leading motherhood coach and host of podcast MotherKind on “When Mother’s Day is complicated: how to handle your emotions this Mother’s Day”

March 8, 2024

As I stand overwhelmed by the greeting card section, it’s 3 weeks away but the Mother’s Day cards are out in force. All the cards are pink or floral or loving or funny - sometimes all four. But where are the cards for those who struggle with this day? For those who might have lost their mother, a child, struggling with miscarriages or have a complex relationship with motherhood.

At Motherkind, our mission is to help mothers feel empowered and confident - and a vital part of that mission is to recognize and support the complexities of motherhood.

So this Mother’s Day, if for whatever reason you are feeling a cocktail of emotions, let me help you take a breath and find a way to be gentle to yourself, whatever you’re facing.

As Motherkind listener’s will know, my girl’s love SoundForm headphones for their screen or music time. We're big fans in our house. So, I’ve teamed up with Belkin to offer 5 steps to help you unravel and my 5 favorite products that help improve our day to day.

Zoe’s top 5 steps to unravel:

1) Reflect on how you feel about Mother’s Day - what emotions does it bring up for you? One of my favorite coaching quotes is that the quality of your experience depends on the quality of the questions you ask yourself. So take a moment to ask yourself - what does this day mean to me? Is it important? How do I feel?

2) Welcome the feelings that are coming up for you. It’s very common to want to ignore your feelings, especially when we haven’t been taught how to process them. Through my podcast Motherkind,, I met the incredibly wise Phillipa Perry who said to me, “think about it when you’re not heard, you get louder and louder - emotions are the same.”So counterintuitive as it sounds, we have to welcome in all our emotions. What we resist, persists.

3) Support yourself by opening up to someone you really trust, or write out your feelings in a journal. Think about what you need to feel emotionally supported.

4) Boundaries are how you work out and communicate to others what works for you. So think if there’s any boundaries you need to set around Mother’s Day. Do you need to opt out of marketing materials or not go on social media that day?

5) Celebrate the way you want to be celebrated this Mother’s Day. Forget how you think it “should” look and focus on what would feel amazing to you. Remember that you deserve to be celebrated, seen and recognized for all you bring.

Motherhood is one of the most invisible roles there is. No one sees the worry, the mental load, the hours and hours parenting, soothing, playing, organizing, sorting and planning.

Make sure you make it visible to yourself this Mother’s Day, by celebrating yourself.

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Zoe’s top 5 product picks:

SoundForm Mini

My girl’s love Belkin’s SoundForm headphones for their screen or music time. They can be with or without a wire, they are incredible quality and really durable, which given how much they get dropped and thrown about is very important. They are super soft and comfy for the girls to wear and have a long lasting battery life. My 7 year old tells me they are cool, probably because they come with stickers that she decorated hers with. For us parents, the kids range is specially engineered to protect their hearing with a maximum volume limit.”

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SoundForm Nano Wireless Earbuds for Kids

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