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"Thanks so much! The new OmniView™ SE has been scanning over night and it didn't drop a single mouse!
We feel that the service we have received from Belkin has been outstanding! This kind of service is what we pride ourselves with in our own line of business. Thanks!"

Per H.
Systems Engineer
Saab Aircraft USA


We recently suffered a 10 minute power outage. Luckily, I use 2 laptops and they went to battery backup mode and continued working.
Amazingly, the OmniCube(tm) 4-port switch CONTINUED to work throughout the power failure!

Thank you!

-Dave F. Intel Corporation

My husband and I just had to thank you.We have our gateway home pc connected to to your surge master home and company grade. We have over 4,000 dollars invested in this pc. This includes our fax, scanner and printer.(hp office jet) . So our fax line is connected in as well. People laughed at us saying if lightning hit it it wouldn't help. Well Sat night we had a major storm and lightning hit our cable antennae. There was a loud bang like a canon going off. My husband was by the door and his watch stopped as the current went through the frame of our mobile home. Our home phone was not plugged into the surge master. The out let the base was plugged into blew up literally! The computer was on. The surgemaster worked! We still had phone line to the computer and we didn't loose a single thing on the computer! The surge master didn't make it but it did protect everything on it. We thank you. We went out the next day and replaced it. And we will be buying more for other appliances. Money well spent. Thank you again. By the way, the others that knocked went out and bought one too! We recommended it to my sister when she bought her computer, we told her it was essential. We recommend it to any one.

Rayna T.
Boonville, In.

I just had to let you know how much I appreciate using your 4 port Omnicube to connect an NT server, PC workstation and Macintosh computer. The price was right, the quality of construction was top-notch, and most importantly, IT WORKS!!! I had certain reservations (after visiting the Macwindows website - www.macwindows.com) about monitor ghosting and other oddities, but was pleasantly surprised when after connecting everything - using a Microsoft Natural keyboard and a Kensington Orbit trackball, setting the jumpers (with a hope and a prayer) and turning it on that I had a beautiful display on my Viewsonic monitor - and was able to switch effortlessly between PCs and the Mac. The power switch for the Mac is not located in the usable location, but that is a minor complaint. After using the set-up at my home/office, I'll be getting the same set-up for work - where I usually have several PCs going at once.

Thanks for a great product!

Ric R.
Network Administrator

I purchased your usb/video bus product yesterday. The product was extreamly easy to install and works great. Thanks for an outstanding product. As an IT systems Eng I have seen lots of products that do not live up to the claims but, it is a refreshing change to buy a product that does everythingit says it will plus sets up and runs the first try without problems and performs great.


Mark H.
Senior Systems Eng

I have greatly enjoyed your products throughout these years. I love everything your company makes and does.  Your product has given me great enjoyment and satisfaction, with unfaltering results ...Thank you so much for your time.

Vijay A.
Rutgers University - College of Engineering

I would like to say that this cable is the best and easy way to get my printer out of the parallel chain loop of scanners,zip drives,etc.  It seems to respond faster and hook up was easy, load and go. I would like to say you people make a good product, and have great tech support people.
thank you

Charles O.

Hi, thanks for the adapter settings. I have not tried them yet, but I first wanted to respond by thanking you. This is my second dealing with Belkin tech support. Belkin tech support has been superior to any I have dealt with (with the exception of Apple tech support).

Your quick response and genuine willingness to help is an example that should be copied by many high-tech but not-in-touch companies.

Thanks again,
Terry Arvidson

hi there!

this was the closest i have been to a lightning strike - 250 feet away!  the tree blew out a section against the lattice fence, droping it the fence to the ground. 

Both our surge protectors sacrificed their telephone connections. This happened 9-20-98 and NONE of our equipment was damaged - THANK YOU BELKIN.

They are both F5C572-TEL's.  We purchased them at COMPUSA on 9-4-98.  One was attached to our computer and the other to our SONY dish system.  I have the receipt.  How do we file for replacement?  Do you need the surge protectors mailed to you or just the receipt?  Thanks for being a dependable product!

jan d.

"It goes without saying that your OmniCube KVM devices are the greatest invention since sliced bread! I'm a programmer, and I use
the OmniView with a Mac adapter to switch between my PC and my G3 Macintosh. I love not having two huge monitors on my desk."

Finley L.
Alien Skin Software

Just wanted to tell you how much I like my two Belkin OmniView(tm) Pro 8 port KVM switches! I previously had another brand that cost a lot more. They broke in about two weeks, and its (same brand) replacement only lasted five days. I replaced it with the least expensive one in the catalog; a Belkin OmniView(tm) Pro 8 Port. I figured the expensive one didn't work out, so I have nothing to loose with the least expensive one. The first Belkin worked out so good that when we got too many servers for one I bought another. They are rugged and reliable. We are not very careful with them and plug and unplug machines in to them on-the-fly and they work just fine. We now have six Windows NT Servers, five Linux servers, one Windows 95 machine for logging telephone statistics and one dos based PC Auto Attendant, all on When I am buying cables, data switches, etc. I look for the Belkin name now. In the stores, your packaging is great with easy to understand descriptions of the cables, etc. Thanks!

Carl B.
Chairman and CTO
Crescent Systems

" I just installed the F1U125 autoswitch, and the new automatic software so I could share two HP printer among one PC. The
installation and the software went perfectly and everything works as advertised. How rare in the PC industry today".

Larry S.

First, thank you for responding to my previous e-mail. I agree, you do have a "brilliant" product, and here is my story that backs up that claim:

I bought a Panasonic video camera with built-in digital camera a few weeks ago, that refused to communicate with my iMac. I found out from Panasonic that the software and cabling that came with the camera was strictly for Win98.

I wasn't going to give up quite yet. It required me to think outside of the "Win98 emulation software" box, a few of hours searching on the Internet and 5 trips back to CompUSA. But I found the perfect solution. And more!

After confirming the product information with you, this Tuesday I left CompUSA with a Belkin USB VideoBus for Mac, bundled with Strata's VideoShop. And IT WORKS GREAT!!! It not only captures the digital stills (which is all that Panasonic's Win98 software does), but I can use all of the great video features of the VideoShop software, too! Maybe Panasonic should hear about this.

My family and I are real excited now about being able to e-mail video clips as well as video stills to friends and family. We have very good friends that were recently transferred to Australia for 2 years. Now my kids can send their best friend Down Under video of themselves!

Thank you for developing this incredible technology that now allows us to enjoy the full capabilities of digital video camera with our computer. You have definitely made this Holiday Season a much happier one for me and my family! We are truly impressed and amazed by the technology Belkin Corporation (and Strata) have created!

Have a wonderful Holiday!

George T. R and Family


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