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Wireless Bridging or Wireless Distribution System (WDS) is used to connect Wireless Routers and Access points together to extend a network.

  1) Wireless Channel must match between Router and AP.
2) Security Settings (WEP) must match between Router and AP.
3) If MAC filtering is enabled, user must be sure to add the WLAN MAC address(es) of the Router/AP in order to allow communication with each other.

  Enable Wireless Bridging. (enabling this feature allows other Access Points to connect to this Access Point.)
  Enable ONLY specific Access Points to connect. ( enter Wireless MAC Address of AP to connect to. If this item is not checked, any AP can connect. Note: when connecting APs, at least one needs to call out the MAC address of the other. Hint: the MAC address can be found using a site survey on a wireless client card.)

Disable ability for Wireless CLIENT to connect. (This feature should only be used when the AP is used exclusievly to other APs.)