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Belkin has identified that a small quantity of Powerline products do not meet the European Low Voltage Directive (European Standard 60950-1) so in extreme cases there can be a risk of electric shock to the user.
To ensure that all our products meet high standards of quality and safety Belkin has decided to voluntarily recall the affected products.

If you own one of the above products please switch off the mains power supply. Remove the product and find the serial number printed on the back. The products affected can be identified by the labels shown below.

picture of powerline Click on the image to see how to find your serial number

If you enter the serial number in the space below we will be able to tell you immediately if your product is one of those affected by this recall.

If your product is identified as being affected it must be returned. In this instance we would ask you to contact us as soon as possible and we will arrange the return and replacement of your product.
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Why is Belkin Powerline being recalled?
Test results demonstrate that a small quantity of the F5D4073 Powerline Starter Kit and the F5D4074 Powerline AV Starter Kit that have been shipped to Europe do not meet the European Low Voltage Directive and the relevant European Standard 60950-1.

Which Powerline models are affected?
Powerline Starter Kit (F5D4073) and Powerline AV Starter Kit (F5D4074), and single Powerline Networking Adaptors (F5D4073S and F5D4074S).

In what time frame will these units be recalled?
Units are being voluntarily recalled effective immediately (20 March 2009). Anybody who has a Powerline product and is concerned about whether it is affected can call our Customer Service number to check the serial number of their unit.

In which countries are the affected units for sale?
Germany, the Benelux region, UK, Czech, Slovak, France, Spain, Italy and the Nordic region.

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