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What’s next for wireless charging?

Wireless charging continues to grow in popularity and is quickly becoming the new normal. If you have an electric toothbrush, you already have one type of wireless charging solution in your home. Many cutting-edge smartphones, tablets and smartwatches can be charged wirelessly as well. You might have a wireless charging pad at home, or maybe you’re considering buying your first one. One thing is for certain, wireless charging has arrived.

Wireless charging is most frequently used in smartphones, tablets and smartwatches that are powered using inductive charging where the device is physically placed onto the wireless charger surface. Public access to inductive charging is increasingly available in airports, universities and restaurants. From local eateries to Starbucks, wireless power is more accessible than ever.

Looking towards the future of wireless charging, what can we expect? For starters, more charging access in public spaces. Soon, wireless charging could be available in your hotel rooms, on flights and throughout lobbies. At home, your entire wall or desktop could become a wireless power source. Arrange your office or set up your entertainment system, free of messy cables and power strips.

Scientists and engineers are working to bring other forms of innovative wireless charging to the masses, including magnetic resonance and true charging at a distance. With resonant charging, users aren’t required to perfectly align their smartphone onto a flat surface, they only need to keep their device in close proximity to the charging source. Other futuristic technologies offer the promise of true charging at a distance, where a power source emanates an electrical charge throughout an entire area. With true charging at a distance, simply riding on a train or entering your favorite restaurant could give your devices a power boost.

Simply riding on a train or entering your favorite restaurant could give your devices a power boost.

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