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CarAudio Connect FM with Bluetooth®

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Make Calls and Listen to Your Playlist Through Your Car Stereo

Simple Set-Up

Make hands-free calls and play music from your playlist directly through your car speakers. CarAudio Connect FM Bluetooth® instantly connects your smartphone to your car stereo—no need for professional installation. Simply pair with your phone using Bluetooth® and connect to your car stereo using FM transmission.

A nighttime light makes it easy to see at all hours. Plus, the power adapter with USB port lets you charge your smartphone while you drive.

Loud & Clear

The microphone—embedded within the Call/Play button—can go just about anywhere on your dashboard. Choose a spot that’s convenient and close to you for the best voice pick-up, then attach it magnetically.

One-Touch Control

Just one button does it all. Use the Call/Play button to switch between talking and playing audio files stored on your phone or streaming Internet radio*.

Get the Strongest Signal

ClearScan technology finds the strongest FM signal for transmitting your calls and music to your car stereo. Set the dial to the suggested station and CarAudio Connect FM Bluetooth® does the rest. If music is playing when a call comes in, it will automatically fade out and you’ll hear the caller’s voice loud and clear through your car speakers.

Wireless Freedom

Bluetooth® provides convenient wireless connectivity with excellent audio quality for calls and music. Even from your pocket or purse, your phone will automatically pair with CarAudio Connect FM Bluetooth®. Plus, with built-in echo cancellation technology, Bluetooth® ensures that you get optimal sound during calls.

*Streaming requires an Internet-enabled phone.

  • Routes calls and music from a smartphone through car speakers
  • Seamlessly switches between calls and music
  • Embedded microphone mounts anywhere on the dashboard for the best voice pick-up
  • Bluetooth® wirelessly connects to smartphone
  • FM transmitter wirelessly connects to car speakers
  • ClearScan technology finds the strongest FM signal
  • Power adapter with USB port
  • Nighttime illumination for visibility
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty
  • Made For iPod/iPhone/iPad Compliance made for iPod

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    • Galaxy S4
    • Galaxy S II - AT&T
    • Galaxy S II - T-Mobile
    • Galaxy S II - Verizon
    • Galaxy S Vibrant
    • Galaxy Note8
    • Galaxy Note II
    • Galaxy Note 10.1
    • Galaxy Note
    • iPad 3rd gen
    • iPad 2
    • iPad (Original)
    • Galaxy Tab 2 - 7"
    • Galaxy Tab 2 - 10.1"
    • Galaxy Tab - 8.9"
    • Galaxy Tab - 7"
    • Galaxy Tab - 10.1"
    • iPod touch 4th gen
    • iPod touch 2nd gen
    • iPod touch 1st gen
    • Kindle Fire
    • Kindle/Kindle Touch
    • iPhone 6 Plus
    • iPhone 6